What is collagen?

The most abundant protein in our body. Mainly in our connective tissue and in our cartilage matrix.

Where does it come from?

Always from an animal source, fish (marine), pork (porcine) or cow (bovine).

How does it affect our body and health?

Our body rebuilds collagen in a constant balance of generating and degrading this protein to keep our connective tissue elastic and our cartilage matrix stable. Approximately with the age of 25, this process slows down and the degradation takes more and more over. This leads to saggy skin and fine lines; bridle and dry cartilage that no longer is able to cushion our jumps. Our skin looses more and more elasticity and tidiness.

Why should everybody add it to their diet?

In order to keep your skin and connective tissue stable and tight, you need to supplement your natural collagen with a recommended dosage of 10g per day.

Is there a difference for women and men?

Men tend to experience this process a bit later, but mostly because their connective tissue is structured differently. Women have to be able to stretch for child-bearing and birth, therefore the tissue matrix is different. Men in turn experience earlier issues with their joints, which could be due to degradation of collagen.

Does it support my immune system as well?

Since you should always use a collagen that supplies you simultaneously with Vitamin C, yes. Collagen cannot be reproduced, when there is no Vitamin C. Vitamin C is the vehicle to transport the collagen into your cells. This is why Scorbut back in the days caused the men at sea to loose their teeth. The Vitamin C deficiency led to a disability to build a strong matrix of connective tissue to hold the teeth.

Does it have any side effects?

Overdose of this protein might cause an upset stomach.

Can one take too much collagen?

No, but you might get an upset stomach.

How is HECH different from any other product on the market?

It is of the highest quality in the market and is not a mono supplement. Sourced from the best and secured origins, the technology behind every formulation added a caviar extract. Enzymatic hydrolysation process.

Where does the other nutrition come from?

Mostly from Germany and Europe. Nothing comes from China, everything can be tracked to the origin.

How do I recognize “bad or low quality” collagen?

Colour, solubility, smell and taste. It should be white in colour, not smell of fish or other animal, it should be taste free and dissolve easily in water. 

What does HECH do in regards to quality control?

It follows all EU and FDA standards, the regularity of lab test, density control, amino acid spectrum, radioactive check.

What time of the day should I take it?

Best in the evening, since the body rebuilds and recovers overnight.

How should I take it?

In water, as a shot, in your smoothie….

Is HECH Sugar-free?

Yes, some products have natural sweeteners and natural flavours from fruit extracts.

How do I know which product is best for me?

Collagen is good for everyone over 25, if you work out, pre and post workout supplements are a must add on.

Do you recommend to take various of your products and why?

We believe in complete beauty nutrition base in regards to your lifestyle.

What is your best seller?

Caviar Collagen and Apres Yoga

When do I see/feel the first changes?

4 -6 weeks with collagen, the post and pre workout you feel after some training sessions.

** These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases nor do they replace a healthy diet or lifestyle.