whole roasted butternut squash

So much easier and safer than risking your life trying to cut open a hard squash! So we'll see how it turns out! Did this for Thanksgiving and it turned out SOOOO GOOD!!! If it grew in a particularly wet season, or was watered a lot, it will be mushy and watery.A dry season, or not enough water - a dry tough pumpkin!Hope that helps....... Oh that's amusing because I've been using your instructions for how to roast a whole squash all season. Metric. i did this for another random squash the other week and it worked great. I guess there is a reason for poking holes in squash, potatoes, etc. I have searched and Googled, but I can't find those instructions! This is my family's most requested way to do spaghetti squash. This roasted whole butternut squash is super easy with just enough salinity: The sea salt adds a nice, briny bite to the butternut squash’s mellow sweetness. For an easy supper that you can depend on, we picked out some of our tried-and-true favorites that have gotten us through even the busiest of days. Cool post-harvest storage is what concentrates the sugar and the flesh itself, pulling it away from the moist seeds and pulp in the center and making it into a drier, denser layer along the walls. I'll age them 'til they don't sound like a vegetable first. MyRecipes.com is part of the Allrecipes Food Group. The recipe turned out as good as usual. IN THREE QUICK STEPS PREP Wash the butternut squash well, no need to dry it, no need to prick the squash with a knife tip either but if you feel better adding small slits to release pressure, sure, go ahead. genius, thanks for sharing. But yes, I think inserting a knife into the flesh is the way to check, especially in the neck, where the flesh is thickest and densest. Every time it has come out perfectly, but it's already done by 45 minutes! So many favorites seniors had to give up as we cannot cut squashes, now we can cook them whole, so great. Thanks. Cover and return to the oven until heated through and cheese is melted. I especially liked how easy it was to remove the seeds after roasting it whole! Just stick it in the oven with no pricking or piercing. If you have a specific question, it's nearly always answered quick-quick. I just checked Google images, they are so pretty, that lovely pale greenish-blue color! Thanks!! a vegetable. Anonymous ~ You are so, so welcome, thanks for letting me know your fingers are again safe! Yes definitely reconsidered! You could also scoop it out or slice it and serve it as a side—the possibilities here are endless. Oh my goodness, the flavor of that once it was done roasting in the oven. Thanks for your response! Thanks for making it so easy to find good recipes. I had to write you to say that when roasted, "the seeds and stuff" is a delicacy! ), but piercing it on the bottom keeps the skin in tact. It’s great on its own, but also works as a building block for another recipe, like pureed soup, pizza, or a harvest salad. BRILLIANT. I have many tiny butternuts (that's easier) that I grew. Along with Pumpkin & Spaghetti Squash!!! .Bless you & thank you, again. MyRecipes may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website. I have arthritis and can’t cut squash but I really enjoy it. Thanks for sharing your experiences and for all the people who have commented, especially thanks to "Michigan Front-yard Farmer" for clearing up the aging of squash (I call them pumpkin). I'm sure I will be preparing butternut squash much more often now. I do think it makes sense to cut the skins off the squash first, cut the flesh into cubes and then put the cubes onto the steamer basket positioned above the onion and “squash gunk” (aka seeds and strings). 1 medium (2 lb., 5 oz.) You can also use mozzarella for some stretchy fun! Not to mention the time it took to clean up a huge mess. Now I have a new way to do my stew. No need to run it any longer: it is already easy to effortlessly skin, mash up it and process into yummy enchiladas! I'd be a squash for sure... but a trim one because they DON'T pack on the pounds! Carolyn ~ Thank you for your kind words! A Veggie Venture is home of "veggie evangelist" Alanna Kellogg and the Or should I think coffee mug, or ... what should I bring to mind? About the variability of the squashes and their texture: as one who grows them (just a few dozen each season in my garden), I might suspect that some of yours had been aged just right, others not as well. I set a timer and totally forgot about it until I heard a bomb going off in the kitchen! It was I who was unclear. . Thank you for this incredibly useful information! Use a vegetable peeler to slice the skin from the butternut squash by holding one end of the squash … !Thanks so much. Roast squash in preheated oven, cut side down, until fork tender, 40 to 45 minutes. Thanks for the idea! Am looking forward to using them in several recipes of yours.Just a question: how do you know when the squash is done?! Not so much. And I've done it twice six times now, once in 2006 and again in 2011 and not a single squash blew up. Preheat oven to 425°F. This will be so much easier. I have oven baked butternut and spaghetti squash for years, initially when I was short on prep time and already had the oven on. These older ones? Maybe I'm doing something wrong? No hassle & no (worries over my fingers) - absolutely marvelous!!! I have one baking in the oven right now :). Drizzle with oil, and sprinkle with salt and pepper. This is great. I scoop it out of the shell, mix it around and eat it as-is. & SO yummy! Although I love the taste of oven-roasted squash,energy costs are too high here in the Bay area to justify this 90 min technique when it tastes almost the same cooked other ways such as whole in the slow cooker or microwave. Anonymous ~ So, um, yeah. kathyk243. So, a better-aged squash gives a certain sound when knocked on, almost like a wood block, vs. an unaged squash, which sounds fuzzier, less distinct, like rapping on . Just recently used this method for roasting whole Butternut Squash (for Christmas). Place the … My hubby is still giggling, "whatiya want for dinner, half a pumpkin?". And watch videos demonstrating recipe prep and cooking techniques. After taking it out of the oven and testing it for doneness with a small knife, it Exploded sending hot squash all over and onto my hand. MyRecipes is a registered trademark of Meredith Corporation All Rights Reserved. :)))Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Place squash halves, cut side up, on a large rimmed baking sheet.

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