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The Luvaglio One Million Dollar Laptop – $1 million. The most expensive laptop cum tablet. It is very compact and perfectly designed and is also the most expensive laptop ever made by this brand Dell. Apple’s 15-inch MacBook Pro is the second most powerful laptop the company has ever made. So, today I am going to tell you about some of the most highly priced luxury laptops for millionaires. At first glance it just looks like an expensive case, but inside is a laptop with a solid state drive, MP3 player, and Blue-Ray player built in. Earlier this year, Apple began offering a new model with an eight-core 9th generation Intel processor, which is guaranteed to fly through any computing task there is. It is very fast and latest one. With Intel Xeon E3 processor 3GHZ, 64GB DDR4 RAM, 16GB NVIDIA Graphics and 1TB HDD, this is one of the expensive laptop in the world.It is featured as one of the first VR ready workstations. When Luvaglio set out to create the world’s most outrageously lavish laptop, they came up with this intriguing PC. Price: $4200 ( 15-inch display, 1TB SSD, 16GB RAM, Intel Core i7, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060) Recently, the Microsoft Surface Book 2 made ripples in the global laptop segment with its dual functionalities both as a laptop and as a tablet. It is a 4th generation laptop that comes with core i5 processor. Top 13 Most Expensive Laptops in the World 13) MSI WT73VR Workstation. Some of the laptops are those which you can buy too as they are also included inexpensive laptop’s list. 1. It has the original windows 8.1 Pro. And third: It's the most expensive laptop we've seen in a long time. Storage and memory upgrades expensive. Dell Latitude 14 Rugged laptop is very powerful and hard laptop. Glancing at Razer Blader 15 features and specifications lend credence to the price tag. Most Expensive Laptop 2019 At this point in time, one of the most expensive laptops around is the ASUS ROG Mothership from the top of this list. Take the example of Windows 10 Home powered Razer Blade 15 on shining as the most expensive laptop on amazon. The price and feature range of gaming laptops suggests how carrying away the video gaming passion is. Criteria For Selecting the Most Expensive Laptop: . Well, finding an expensive laptop is surely a difficult task for many people because they are rare for sure. Most Expensive Laptop in the world . Nevertheless, the laptops that I have compiled are properly tested and researched by my team on the basis of large RAM, HDD, powerful processor, a unique display and most importantly the inclusion of graphics card. MSI. $4999.

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