how hard is it to get into clinical psychology

While I want to help people in a clinical setting, I am more interested in the research conducted within the various fields of Psychology. Post by miriam » Sun Mar 25, 2007 1:18 am Statistically, getting on courses is not getting more difficult, although it may seem that way, because the number of training places really expanded a few years ago. If not then health or counselling psychology. Due to the fact that psychology is one of the most popular undergraduate degrees in the US, you have a lot of competition getting into a masters, and doctorate program. I hope to get into clinical psychology training after my PhD. Take any psychology classes offered at your school to get a feel for what clinical psychology is all about. In order to improve your chances in getting into clinical, it may be an idea to do some work expereince alongside your degree or perhaps even do a sandwich psychology degree. Clinical psychologists help a huge range of people, of all ages, with an increasing number of mental health problems. Here are my top tips for getting into clinical psychology training. To get into a good undergraduate psychology program, you'll need an impressive GPA in high school. (1) Firstly, and probably most importantly, when you are at University, do your best consistently in your Psychology … It will also help to get some publications whilst at uni. Some masters level options include things such as counseling psychology, school psychology, marriage & family therapy, and some schools will offer masters level clinical psych degrees. How hard is it to get onto clinical psychology training? I am very interested in the prospect of attending graduate school for Clinical Psychology. ... Study hard once you enter your clinical psychology graduate program. 's. However, I have heard that getting into such programs is no joke. Answer to: How difficult is it to get into a clinical psychology PhD program? That said, even with a bachelors-the fight to get into a masters is tough, with pre … Here's what you do: Keep up the great research experience you're doing, get some more clinical work under your belt in the next year (and by the way, I've been a camp counselor - there are plenty of kids with learning disabilities and behavioral difficulties at camp, it's absolutely clinically relevant at the least), do well on the GRE and apply to Psy.D. Apparently, it is nothing like undergraduate programs.

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