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Factored into the total minimum eligible hours is a limitation on the use of the Pharmacotherapy Preparatory Review and Recertification Course and the Fundamentals of Biostatistics and Study Design Workshop, which may be used no more than twice and not in 2 consecutive years. The aim of this course is to prepare the pharmacists who are seeking the BCPS Exam to pass the non-therapeutic part which constitutes almost 40% of the BCPS exam questions (80 questions out of 200 questions of the BCPS … Refer to the Pharmacotherapy Content Outline for details. The purpose of the BCPS program is to validate that the pharmacist has the advanced knowledge and experience to improve  patient outcomes by: Effective January 1, 2019: All applicants intending to demonstrate eligibility for any BPS certification examination utilizing the practice experience pathway must provide an attestation from their employer, on company letterhead, that verifies this experience accurately represents 50% of time spent in some or all of the activities defined by the applicable certification content outline. Only completed tests will be eligible for credit; no partial or incomplete tests will be processed. Note: For American Express credit cards, the CVV/CVN number appears on the front of the card. Live webinar held in February (starting in 2020) each year, home study version will be available from March to June each year. Only completed tests are eligible for credit; no partial or incomplete tests will be processed. Works with physicians in outpatient settings to optimize medication therapy, tracking progress and compliance as well as making suggestions about diet and lifestyle changes to better manage their health. All details about the BPS Board Certified Pharmacotherapy Specialist Certification and Exam are available here on the BPS website. 2215 Constitution Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20037-2985 | Phone 202-429-7591 | FAX 202-429-6304 | © 2020 Board of Pharmacy Specialties. For full details regarding recertification, please refer to the BPS Recertification Guide. Through the rigorous examination standards mandated by the Board of Pharmacy Specialties®, the BPS board certified pharmacist is uniquely trained and educated to meet the continually expanding expectations of other healthcare team members and the specialized needs of the patients they serve. Only completed tests are eligible for credit; no partial or incomplete tests will be processed. Live version offered in conjunction with the ACCP Annual Meeting each October. Each offering of the annual program will employ active learning exercises designed to advance the skills and abilities of BCPSs to critically evaluate scientific evidence and clinical trials and effectively incorporate significant findings into daily practice, leading to effective and safe patient care. To earn recertification credit from the Pharmacotherapy Preparatory Review and Recertification Course, BCPSs must either attend the live program or complete the instructional materials for home study and successfully complete the Web-based posttest by the deadline. Note: The Fundamentals of Biostatistics and Clinical Trial Design Workshop may be completed for recertification credit, up to two times, in nonconsecutive years, during the 7-year certification cycle. For more information, please contact ACCP at (913) 492-3311 or send an e-mail to accp@accp.com. The image below is an Component 1: Pharmacotherapy Preparatory Review and Recertification Course, Component 2: Pharmacotherapy Updates Plus Webinar, Component 3: Pharmacotherapy Self-Assessment Program (PSAP), Component 5: Fundamentals of Biostatistics and Study Design Workshop. The webinar will be presented live in February each year (starting in 2020). In 2011, BPS approved two more options for recertification through ACCP, the Pharmacotherapy Preparatory Review and Recertification Course as well as the Clinical Reasoning Series. Evaluating, implementing, monitoring, and optimizing of pharmacologic and nonpharmacologic therapy; Providing patient-centered, evidence-based therapeutic interventions and information; Functioning as a member of an interprofessional team providing direct patient care; and. **Practice experience should be from within the past seven years prior to the application date. Note: BCPSs may use as many PSAP modules as they need to attain the required CPE credits during their 7-year certification cycle. For more information about our Cookie Policy, click here. BPS is committed to providing users with a safe, secure environment in which to secure information. You may disable the cookie function on your browser or erase the contents in your cookies file. We recommend visiting the Federal Trade Commission website for more information about general privacy issues. BPS recognizes that users may have concerns about privacy issues as they navigate the Internet. Both the live and the home study formats of the course will include access to a Web-based posttest. The Pharmacotherapy Updates Plus Webinar, presented live and audio-recorded for home study, is designed to cover new knowledge and developments in the specialty that have been released since the previously delivered live review and recertification course. We are using cookies to give you the best experience on our website. BCPSs who wish to earn recertification credit must read the instructional materials and successfully complete the Web-based posttest by the deadline for each PSAP module.

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