HECH is a family-owned company, who first pioneered the concept of fitness in Germany and then was the first to introduce beauty nutrition. HECH NUTRITION holds its roots in the 1970’s when Eberhard and Gertrud Heidrich founded a business around health and wellbeing near the western German city of Cologne.


Eberhard Heidrich, an athlete and sports coach himself, had been among the first to introduce the concept of fitness clubs to Germany.  Working closely with sports and health experts the company was among the first to develop nutrition product solutions for athletes, overweight obese and people with special dietary requirements. Gertrud Heidrich’s family heritage had been in plant farming and herbal culturing since late 1800s in the Westerwald region, one of Germany’s biggest mountain range by area. The region is renowned in Germany for its unique volcanic geological range and almost 40% forest lands.


The family tradition was carried forward, when the present day company moved to Germany’s new capital Berlin in 2004. The family owned HECH company (HECH is the abbreviated form of HEIDRICH) is managed today by a son of the Heidrich family, Rolf Heidrich. It holds the same values of quality ingredients and composition of its nutrition products today as in its long family history.