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5.0 out of 5 stars 4. Middle . Type: Broadleaf evergreen Family: Ericaceae Zone: 5 to 8 Height: 4.00 to 8.00 feet Spread: 3.00 to 6.00 feet Bloom Time: April Bloom Description: White Sun: Full sun to part shade Water: Medium Maintenance: High Flower: Showy. Leaf shape is oblong to lance-shaped with finely serrated edges. Sold Out. Pieris japonica ‘Mountain Fire’ 2 gl size. Spread: 4m max . Pieris japonica ‘Cavatine’ works well as a potted plant and can live for years in a container. 'Mountain Fire' (Mountain Fire Andromeda) Evergreen, #2 - Size Container. The flower buds of the cultivar 'Mountain Fire' Nahhan / Getty Images Varieties of Japanese Pieris . Pieris Mountain Fire A long-established, larger cultivar of this acid-loving species, Pieris japonica Mountain Fire is a medium-sized, slow-growing, evergreen shrub with an upright, rounded habit. Pieris requires no maintenance and the only growin… The new red growth appears later in February, and March when the growth takes up colour and is its brightest, and whilst that fades lovely flowers, usually but not always white, follow in April and early May. Remove spent flowers immediately after bloom. Price: £19.99: Evergreen Hardy Grown with care by the Amazon Plant Specialist Please unpack as soon as possible after delivery Plant size varies according to the time of year. It enjoys minor growth spurts in the summer. The price was great for the plant size, it is healthy and full, it arrived in perfect condition due to excellent packaging (I've had some really bad experiences) and is larger than most plants that ship in #2 containers. Pieris japonica 'Mountain Fire' is a well known variety, holding an RHS AGM for its excellent garden performance. Average Size: 4-5' H x 4-5' W. Spacing: 4-5' Cold Hardiness: Zone 4 (-20 to -30°F) Find Your Cold Hardiness Zone. Add to cart Description How To Care Landscape Ideas Description. New foliage emerges flaming red, maturing to forest green. Pieris japonica "Mountain Fire" wordt in het nederlands rotsheide genoemd. Leaf: Colorful, Evergreen. Jaśniejsze spody ładnie kontrastują z ich ciemniejszym wierzchem. It also produces a lot of white flowers. The Pieris sports flaming red leaf growth from late winter into early spring, setting your landscape ablaze. Effective when mixed with other broadleaf evergreens. © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. As a smaller-sized mountain laurel, it easily fits into a low hedge or flower garden. “Mountain Fire” is a beautiful evergreen noted for its vibrantly red-coloured new foliage. ‘Mountain Fire’ is a popular cultivar that is particularly noted for the fiery red color of its newly emerging foliage and its heavy flower clusters. “Mountain Fire” is a beautiful evergreen noted for its vibrantly red-coloured new foliage. Position: Plant in moderately fertile acidic soil in … It typically matures in a spreading mound to 4’ tall and 3’ wide over the first 10 years. Although some recommend special fertilizer mixes to get the maximum results, Pieris do amazingly well with a more relaxed approach. Product Search. Japanese Pieris is a slow-growing evergreen shrub to small tree that grows 9-13 feet tall in the heath family, Ericaceae. The height and spread of the plant delivered will vary depending on the season, meaning arrival images are an indication only. New leaves can emerge throughout summer, creating a showy pop of color. Water the plant. It reaches 4 feet in height and 2 feet in spread. It features large pendulous clusters (racemes) of urn-shaped, lily-of-the-valley-like white flowers in early spring. ... Pot size guide -Qty + Add to Cart. Place the "Mountain Fire" Pieris japonica plant in a location where it receives partial or full sunlight. South facing, east facing, west facing . to 36 in. Tropical ... Full Size Zoom : Product Details. There are also hybrid varies that are compact in growth and shorter than the original Pieris … Nursery Pickup. Water the plant. Entwicklungszustand: … The plant produces a round capsule fruit that stays on the plant until winter. Mulch annually with well-rotted pine needles. Grow Pieris japonica ‘Mountain Fire’ in a sheltered, partially shaded spot in moist but well-drained, acidic soil. ‘Mountain Fire’ pieris reaches heights between 4 and 8 feet in general, sometimes growing as tall as 12 feet. Pieris japonica 'Mountain Fire' Mountain Fire Japanese Andromeda, Lily of the Valley A shade-loving evergreen shrub with a round, upright habit. Pine Mountain StarterLogg Select-A-Size Firestarting Blocks, 24 Starts Firestarter Wood Fire Log for Campfire, Fireplace, Wood Stove, Fire Pit, Indoor & Outdoor Use 4.6 out of 5 stars 1,661 $9.94 $ 9 . japanische Lavendelheide Mountain Fire (Pieris japonica) im Topf 30-40 cm 1 Stck. Common Name: Fire And Ice Japanese Pieris. We always send out the largest size available at the time of dispatch. Pieris Japonica 'Katsura' (3 Gallon) $74.95 $ 74. Gardeners cultivate this plant because it’s a showy ornamental that’s deer tolerant. These glossy green leaves are obovate and approximately 7 to 9 cm long. That said, compact varieties are readily available with the variegated ‘Little Heath’ being one of the best. This attractive, evergreen shrub produces copper tinged new growth that changes to green foliage. Bead-like flower buds are set in late summer for the following year and provide winter interest and contrast to the evergreen foliage. Young leaves are red, turning coppery and finally to dark green as they mature. Pieris japonica 'Mountain Fire' (Andromeda j.) 4.4 out of 5 stars 29. Pieris japonica 'Mountain Fire' is a well known variety, holding an RHS AGM for its excellent garden performance. The Pieris Mountain Fire is a fabulous and unique evergreen shrub that adds bold color to your landscape with only minimal maintenance. It works well as a potted plant or as a small shrub. Abundant, chain-like clusters of pinkish-white, urn-shaped flowers bloom in early spring. Because of its slow growth rate, the branches develop a tiered appearance. NJPlantsandtrees Pieris Mountain Fire (3 Gallon Container) - Pieris ( /ˈpaɪ.ərɪs/)[1] is a genus of seven species of shrubs in the family Ericaceae, native to mountain regions of eastern and southern Asia, eastern North America and Cuba. Photinia x fraseri Little Red Robin, Plant in 9 cm Pot 4.3 out of 5 stars 19. SKU: PJMOU2$* Categories: Broadleafed Evergreen Shrubs, Deer Resistant Plants, Ornamental Plants, Plant Finder, Pollinator and Beneficial Insect Plants, Shrubs. As it matures, it grows in a mound shape with spreading branches. EUR 8,50 Versand. Flower Color: White. Other common names pieris 'Mountain Fire' . Genus Pieris are compact evergreen shrubs with leathery, dark green leaves, often brightly coloured when young, and small white urn-shaped flowers borne in panicles in spring .

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