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That would be my bad – I’m the one who changed the title to “Paramilitary 3”. About this product. The Para 3 has a blade length of just about 3”, with a cutting edge of 2 5/8”, an overall length of 7 1/8”, and a weight of 3.37 oz. The edges of the G-10 have also been hit with a mild chamfer. Archived. - Nick. $199.95. Para™ 3 G-10 Green CTS 204P Flat Dark Earth Exclusive. C223GPBL. Add to Wish List. I remember Tony coming up with the name Ensign for the Clipitool – that wouldn’t be a bad one either. In addition to the obvious reductions in length, it has a more curved spine than its bigger brother. Free. That ALMOST tickles my fancy. $224.95. ... Spyderco Para 3 S90V/CF - review and sharpening - Duration: 12:23. Do you have any links to that? 1 year ago. Free. All Rights Reserved, Spyderco can still crank out a knife that’s absolutely free of production or manufacturing flaws, this application of the compression lock is fantastic, A PM2 for people that need a sub 3” knife, cuts great, rounded handle edges are more comfortable, Terrible clip placement, non-adjustable stop pin, better similar-priced options out there. Para™ 3 G-10 Orange CTS XHP Exclusive. The handle is made from textured injection-molded FRN and is set for ambidextrous tip-up carry. The Para 3, however, is an unquestionably better rendition of the Compression Lock: faster deployment and non-existent blade play where the Sage 5 is sluggish and has a little wobble. I have not owned a Para 3 LW and have been warming up to the idea of getting one and I have been biding my time waiting for the right sprint combo. Filed Under: EDC Knives, Folding Knives, Made in the USA, Recommended EDC Knives, Spyderco, USA Made EDC Knives Tagged With: Compression Lock, g10, Made in USA, s30v. save. UPC. Most of the criticism comes in the form of wishing for a smaller version. Spyderco: ParaMilitary 3 - Sprint Run - Brown G-10 - CPM-S35Vn - C223GPBN. Quality. GTIN. LionSteel TRE Three Rapid Exchange Folder 2.91" M390 Blade, Carbo… $350.00. This elite version of Spyderco’s Para 3 was produced exclusively for Bento Box Shop. This post contains affiliate links. Re: Para3 LW in m390.. First LW exclusive. My Para 3 appears to have the same pivot, but is even faster than my PM2 to deploy. It is light, it is red and it is cute and can skin a wolf or granny’s apple ? Shirogorov Quantum Flipper Knife 3.75" M390 Drop Point Blade, Mil… $1095.00 ADD. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Para 3 Lightweight DLT Trading Exclusive – C223PRD – My Little Red Riding Hood ! Nobody questions the fast deployment and free-swinging blade, just the variance in terms of lockup from knife to knife. aaronkb Member Posts: 167 Joined: Fri Aug 23, 2019 5:40 pm. Product Identifiers. No. My personal opinion is to use Roman numerals for successive versions and Arabic numerals for size. If you’re a regular at Knife Informer then you’re probably familiar with the Spyderco Para 3. Well certainly the Paramilitary 2 has a reputation few production knives can match. Para™ 3 G-10 Blue M390 Exclusive. Re: Para3 LW in m390.. First LW exclusive. Control over the smaller blade is exemplary, and you’ll have no problem with most cutting tasks. Be patient and maintain a steady hand, and it’s possible to get S30V very sharp, even with rudimentary skills and entry-level equipment. Favorite. They’ve managed to shave off even more weight and address some small issues by taking things a step further and releasing a lightweight version of the Para 3, sporting BD1N steel and FRN handles…. I appreciate the correction, and I’ll update the review. This is an immaculately finished EDC blade that you’re meant to use. The satin finish is perfectly done to reduce friction as well – definitely a better finish than Taichung. I know the site gets compensation for people buying through links… But is it wise to list Amazon with their reputation for counterfeits of spyderco in particular? Quality. BBS Para 3 M390 in Blue [C] Album SV $165 SOLD Picked this up here but decided it isn't for me. In Stock. I could probably get all four fingers on the handle, but it does require me to actively think about it; if I just let me fingers fall naturally the beak gets in the way. Spyderco doesn’t do a ton of CF but it’s definitely not out of the question. - Duration: 13:30. Your email address will not be published. share.

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