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!!!!! I bought Grado SR60's and they sound beautiful in comparison. !!!!!! It’s a stout little headset called the SB 40, and is aimed at online gaming, chatting and of course listening. More Info and Images. The maximum amount of deviation in the bass range is about 6dB, which is noticeable. 0 Comment Report abuse Riandaj. До ur20 были ur18, у которых цена не особо отличается, но 20е на голову выше. As for the sound, well, they sound alright, or as Daniel Rutter put it in his review the “UR20s sound inoffensive”. KOSS UR20 czarny od 98,49 zł Opinie Słuchawki Wokółuszne, Przewodowe, Długość przewodu 2,4m, Czarne. For the money, these headphones are decent, but if money doesn't matter, these headphones are not too good. I'd rather feed my cd's to an elephant then stick my head between it's buttocks and listen. They have an all-black color scheme that's a little bland. The $29 (list price) UR29s … I am straining to hear some mid range tones and they have been sucked out. The sound quality is not bad for the money, though the ratings are low since they are not based on value. This tool will clearly show you the differences, Use our data and table to find the best headphones for your needs, Want to see us review a specific headphones? I have a couple of problems with the sound quality, but nothing too serious. The UR20s dont have any features like volume control either. Ceny w 5 sklepach. The Koss UR20 are not good for office use. i use these for gaming and the bad sound quality makes some games unplayable ambient sounds went from wind blowing to a horrible scraping sound to the point of having to mute it, For General All-Purpose Casual music listening ---- ------- These UR20's are just Point Blank Super Deluxe BARGAINS !! They look great and feel great and don't rub the top of your head like alot of other over head headphones tend to do. Gaudy, heavy, uncomfortable, headclamps, not accurate, ugly, chinsey, MASSIVE, made uglier yet by decals. The bass is decent, but it is overpowering and it decreases the audio quality. Everything to do with sound. They also do not have a detachable cable, which may get hooked on something and pull the headphones off your head, further decreasing stability. The covering on the padded ears has worn badly, but what can you expect in 12 years of use?? Other Web Sites in the ConsumerReview Network: mtbr.com | DESCRIPTION Home and portable audio take on fresh life with quality headphones, and Koss's lightweight, closed-ear UR40 is designed to keep outside noises out and headphone sound in--perfect for use in busses and libraries alike. Sensitive to glasses. audioreview.com and the ConsumerReview Network are business units of Invenda Corporation. Sound Quality: I must say that the lows and the bass on these are decent. VCT in western MO. Too much bass. Koss UR20 Koss UR23i Koss UR42i Koss BT539i Koss Pro4S Type Headphones Headphones Headphones Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Headphones Fit Over-Ear Over-Ear Over-Ear ... Top review from Australia There was a problem filtering reviews right now. The headband adjusts to your head, so they are more comfortable. For the money, these headphones are decent, but if money doesn't matter, these headphones are not too good. Use my headphones for everything from audio, video to gaming (where you can really put headphones through their paces as you get the highest quality audio with the most varying signals, sound fx, music, speech etc). It’s hard to knock the UR-20’s at their ultra low price range. We purchase our own headphones and It's deep and fairly strong. carreview.com | No real bass to speak of (equivalent to those cheap 30 mm drivers on common none home use headphones. It depends on the type of music youre listening to. In the treble range, they show some inconsistency and seem to be sensitive to positioning and placement. Build quality is average at best. All Rights Reserved. You will easily hear your surroundings, and these are not open back headphones. If you don't have a lot to spend, these are one of the better headphones you can buy in the $20-$30 range, but there are still some that are far better. Home headphones with cords tend to have a … ... Top 10 Best Pull Behind Spreader | Review 2020 Koss should really add a case. Verified Purchase. But you’ll usually find it priced around half that online. © 2020 9298-5266 Quebec Inc. All Rights Reserved. Michael. Compare that to the Senn HD201’s at $5 more, which are criticized by some for having cups that are too shallow. (C) Copyright 1996-2018. Buy from here: https://amzn.to/2Z7BXCl Koss UR20 Full-Size Over-The-Ear Headphones These Black Koss UR20 Headphones are a wonderful way to … The frequency response consistency is mediocre-at-best. Poor isolation. I must say that these headphones are very flexible and you can move them anywhere you want and you will not break them. Koss UR20 headphones Review date: 23 September 2004. For under $20, , , , , these are SLEEPERS !!!!! koss ur40, пожалуй, немногие из наушников, которые при своей стоимости дают такие эмоции как от качества материалов и эргономики, так и от звучания любимых треков. Koss ur20 na Allegro.pl - Zróżnicowany zbiór ofert, najlepsze ceny i promocje. Product presentation . The single sided wire is convenient, but it is stiffer/cheaper than I would like. These headphones are a P.O.S. The large circular ear cups and retro-designed headband may work for some but is not visually appealing. 2 user reviews. The above strengths really don't mean much when it comes to the weaknesses cause at the end of the day headphones are meant for sound and these sound horrible. As for the unsightely URL, it was easily hidden with some black electrical tape (nearly the exact same shade and finish as the cups). Unfortunately the pressure they apply around the ears, is uneven and can be uncomfortable for some. Horrible tone. I found the UR40 which uses the same drivers as the KSC75 but in an open, over-ear form factor so I pulled the trigger. It might also be unique to my pair and isn’t something I’ve encountered on other headphones. Helpful. It would sound better. They’re not trying to be the best headphones in the sub $100 range, which is good because they’re not. On the upside, the ear cups are relatively dense and the headband design is flexible. The mids and especially the highs sound muffled and muddy. Forums × Write a user review Ask for ... Tib-tib's review (This content has been automatically translated from French) 3. roadbikereview.com | The UR20 is an entry-level into Koss's higher priced closed cans, like the UR40 and ProxAA series. The poor seal of the earcups allows the chatter of even a moderately loud office to seep into your audio. The hinge mechanism is cheaply and poorly made. The sound stage is not as big as the hd600 of course and they are not as clinical but they sure are pleasant to listen to. They are also great for mp3, because you dont hearing the hiss that could be present on mp3, heaven when they are silent moment in the song, like Pink Floyd. The UR20 stereo headphones from Koss provide high-quality audio in a durable enclosure that's designed to withstand the rigors of professional use. Should you buy a $40 amp to improve your $20 headphone? The material covering the ear padding is flimsy and wears poorly over time. On my pair, the volume seems to be weighted to the left ear 55% and to the right 45%. For music other than Techno, remixes, or hip-hop, avoid these. The sound is alright throughout the range if not slightly lazy and laid-back. Appearance and Build We’ll they’re big, round, made of plastic and canvas, and have a website printed on the side. They're lightweight and large ear cups easily fit around the ears of most listeners. The downside is that they look ridiculous and the padding rubs against the side of my neck just behind my ear (they are that big). But all in all these are 5 star quality for the price, and if your on a budget theses KOSS stereophones should be your choice. Будьте уверены, koss ur20 не подведут вас! The Koss UR20 are quite comfortable. Too much hiss at low volume. 4/10 Value For Money: For the money ($24.99), these headphones are decent: Mediocre audio, decent construction and pretty comfortable. Having said that, if you are an audiophile or critical listener, just don’t buy these headphones. 5.0 out of 5 stars Bang for Buck. Audio Quality I find it difficult to talk about sound quality, because it is partly subjective, partly based on expectations, and most importantly entirely dependent on the quality of your various sources and outputs. You cannot hear so much detail on these headphones and they are not too clear. sounds overly bassey and sometimes kinda painful for some reason. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 30 March 2012. ! I prefer the sound of my Koss UR20's which have a little more bass to them, the UR29's seem to have clearer mids though. - High fidelity Stereophone utilizes neodymium rare earth magnet and 16 micron mylar element for deep bass and treble clarity.- Flexible headband with sling allows for easy, single sided listening and maximum durability. UR20 - Studio noise reduction headphones. Koss UR20 Over-Ear Headphones, Flexible Sling Headband, Black $ 16.78 in stock . Extremely boomy, not a balanced upper register, uncomfortable, cheap. The dynamic speaker elements provide clear, natural sound with a wide frequency response.

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