how to keep predators away from chicken coop

Chicken coop predators are drawn to your chicken coop for one (or more) of these four reasons: Let’s have a stickybeak at ways you can cut off their easy access and keep your hens healthy and happy. This will help prevent predators from attacking your chooks in their coop and snakes or vermin from gaining entry to your chicken run. Plus these are not feasible for free-range areas but they work wonders for a chicken coop. how do i protect my chickens? In a nutshell: keep your coop elevated (3 ft off the ground is ideal), use quality latches that cannot be opened by racoons, install hardware cloth around the perimeter of the coop and run to prevent an animal from digging in, install wire or plastic mesh netting over the run to keep aerial predators out, seal up any holes or cracks, and … However, maintain a level that can still be accessible for feeding, cleaning and other daily routine. Caretakers should be aware and properly oriented with the importance of these methods to be observed consistently. This includes ventilation points like windows and the wire used for your chicken run. Once you have the inside of the chicken coop emptied and cleaned out take the time to do a good and thorough inspection. Many animals have an aversion to humans, so playing a radio all night by … But if you want to provide shade to your chickens, you can also use trap sheets instead of chicken wire. Electric fencing comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes—and budgets. “I’ll do it tomorrow” very quickly turns into three years down the road, and you’re inviting a lot of predators to enjoy a tasty snack in your coop if you delay. Make Sure You Keep Chickens Safe from Predators. If you do opt for solar light, … You might consider putting some lighting on a motion detector. How to install a predator apron around a chicken coop to keep animals from digging underneath into the chicken coop. Use Electric Fences. Do not allow food scraps to linger. For foxes - try leaving a battery operated radio tuned to a talk-back station near your coop overnight. So we think in terms instead of diverting predators away from the coop and instead to a more acceptable part of your property. You can use hardwood that is permeated with pesticides, rabbit wire,  chain link and other popular chicken material that are tested for durability and reliability. I have had quite a bit of experience keeping skunks away from my chickens and I want to share these with you. Have a look at our coop range here and our accessories here. This will keep Mr Fox from encroaching on what it thinks is another predator’s territory. 3-Raising the Chicken Coop. Predator-Proofing Your Chicken Coop. i scared it away but i am afraid it will come back. It’s best to keep bird feeders in the front yard, but if you absolutely must have them in your backyard, try to move them away from the coop. Got a problem? Skunks-Chicken Predator-How to Keep Them Away From your chickens. If it all seems a little overwhelming just remember the top 3 ways to keep your chooks safe: A big fear for many chicken keepers is keeping their flock safe from predators. Hawks, falcons and other birds of prey Hawks, falcons and other birds of prey are expert aerial hunters and most species are protected in Australia. Predator proof the chicken house and run by burying poultry netting or other material around the outside. Some predators will avoid areas that are brightly lit. Cover the Coop. I want to build a chicken coop what kind of flooring is recommended? This method of course will not work for light fingered neighbours. Visiting vixens will think that humans are nearby and steer clear. I have put these first as from my experience, they are the smartest, most persistent predator around. With proper lighting surrounding you coop, predators will be hesitant to attack and become visible in case they will attempt to strike. They will often be found circling above any potential meal waiting for the right opportunity to swoop in. You have to take time in preparing the blueprint and quality of materials for chicken coop. 2 Burrowing prevention Make sure your coop is burrow proof with a mesh floor that juts out at least 30cm from the coop perimeter or is attached at the base of the chicken coop or run.

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