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Microwave it. You can pour a bit of additional syrup on each cake layer. —Mabel Parvi, Ridgefield, WashingtonGet RecipeTaste of HomeGran's Apple CakeMy grandmother occasionally brought over this wonderful cake warm from the oven. After all, even the slightest hint of over-baking can cause an otherwise good cake to dry out. A dry fruit or butter cake can be improved by using one of the methods described below, depending on whether or not you have just baked the cake or it has come from storage. How to Moisten a Dry Chocolate Cake (After Baking) Coat With Simple Syrup Step 1. It is a truly southern recipe, and one I think can't be topped—once people taste it, they won't go back to their other recipes with buttermilk. Often when a cake comes out too dry, it's because something went wrong during this step. This methods works by placing your cake in a bain-marie. Cupcake frosting problems ! Fruitcake is a liquor-soaked holiday classic filled with spices and dried fruits such as apple, pear and apricot. Of course you may not know it is over cooked until you go to eat it. —Lily Julow, Lawrenceville, GeorgiaGet RecipeTaste of HomePumpkin Spice Cake with Maple GlazeServe up some fun with this delicious cake that’s yummy any time of the year, but especially nice during the holiday season. The water bath helps bake the cake more evenly and “it provides a moist atmosphere that’ll keep it … —Kristen Oak, Pocatello, IdahoGet RecipeTaste of HomeGerman Black Forest CakeAs far as I know, this cake recipe can be traced back to my German great-grandma. You risk drenching the banana bread and making it soggy beyond repair. Assemble a light custard, some whipped cream, canned or cooked fruit and your dry cake. It depends on the cake, serving with sauce or ice cream can also help. Back in the day, it took effort for my grandmother's kitchen helper to make it, but it's a breeze now that we have stand mixers. But these cakes are not a lost cause! Reach for cake flour instead of all-purpose flour. But it paid off. Here’s what you can do to fix the problem after the cake is out of the oven. Dry cakes are a big no because it is almost impossible to swallow a dry cake, no matter how good the taste may be. Thank you! Let it sit for several minutes, keeping an eye on it to make sure none of the icing melts. She pours this love of all things sweet (and sometimes savory) into Bakeable, Taste of Home's baking club. Let’s face it, nothing is sadder than a dried out cake. My rescued dry chocolate cake transformed into a strawberry trifle. No one wants to get stuck with a dry cake after putting in hours of effort. Making a perfect cake is easy—just measure correctly, watch the clock and don’t skimp on those moisture-adding ingredients! Your email address will not be published. One piece of this homemade carrot cake is never enough—better than all the other carrot cakes recipes I've tried!—Kim Orr, West Grove, PennsylvaniaGet Recipe Psst! The taste was very good, but unfortunately the cake was extremely dry (I substituted buttermilk with a milk/yogurt mixture). —Kayla Albrecht, Freeport, IllinoisGet RecipeTaste of HomeBanana Cake with Cream Cheese FrostingAs a mother of three sons, sweets are a staple in my kitchen! —Lisa Varner, El Paso, TexasGet RecipeTaste of HomeGingered Apple Upside-Down CakeI like that this gingerbread delight is so deeply flavored and delicious. After a few hours, your cake will be moist, as it will have ‘stolen’ the moisture from the bread. Those are just a few of the ways you can save a dry cake. —Carrie Bartlett, Gallatin, TennesseeGet RecipeTaste of HomeLady Baltimore CakeI first made this cake for my fathers' birthday and now it is the only cake that he requests. It was the cake boss chocolate decadence cake. The problem with all cakes is that they go dry rather quickly. Then, wrap it in plastic to keep the moisture in. Cake flour is a low protein flour … Let’s say goodbye to dry cookie dough and hello to soft, tender cookies. Now that you know why your cookie dough may have become dry, it is time to fix the problem! —Marilyn Niemeyer, Doon, IowaGet RecipeWalnut Honey CakeThis light and fluffy marvel all but melts in your mouth. The steaming method: Place your cake in a container with walls which will allow it a little clearance … The spicy apple flavor combined with the sweet cream cheese frosting made this dessert a treasured recipe. When measuring your dry ingredients, you should not use the measuring cup itself to scoop your dry ingredients. On top of being delicious, this 7UP cake represents family tradition, connection and love. The ratio of wet to dry ingredients determines a cake’s moisture level. —Christine Russell, Littleton, New HampshireGet RecipeButter Pecan Layer CakePecans and butter give this cake the same irresistible flavor as the popular butter pecan ice cream flavor. And remember: If you slip up, there are some simple remedies to get you back on track for dessert perfection. A cake needs to be moist with a melt in your mouth kind of texture in order for it to be delicious. Don't throw it out-you can still save it and transform it into a delicious, moist cake.The secret is in a simple cake soak.Here's how to make one: ½ cup simple syrup. Now I bake it whenever he needs an extra-special treat. —John Morgan III, Lebanon, PennsylvaniaGet RecipeTaste of HomeFlourless Chocolate TorteChocoholics—like me!—know that nothing says chocolate like a flourless torte. There is a way however, to tell if your cake is over cooked. Spice cake topped with lemony sauce makes us both smile. I baked the first one for Christmas in 1963 when I found the recipe in the newspaper and my Mother kept the tradition going into the ’80s. Served warm from the oven, a nice scoop of vanilla bean ice cream is definitely the icing on this cake. —Taste of Home Test KitchenGet RecipeTaste of HomeBest Angel Food CakeFor our daughter's wedding, a friend made this lovely, angel food cake from a recipe she's used for decades. Coat With Simple Syrup Step #1. Lisa is an associate editor at Taste of Home where she gets to embrace her passion for baking. Thanks! You layer the cake in the trifle dish. There are a number of things that can make a cake go dry. I buy ripe fruit on sale and freeze it to make this cake. Place the fondant on a microwave-safe plate or dish. All you have to do is place the cake in a sealed bag, along with a slice of white bread. Fill the pan with boiling water, taking care not to splash the cake. No one will guess that cake mix simplifies the recipe. ¼ cup milk, coffee, tea, or liquor (or to taste) But there is a way to guard against a desert-like dessert—a simple … Mix equal parts of sugar and water in a small pot. Learn how to moisten a cake after baking is complete! But learning how to fix dry cake isn’t hard to do. The traditional pumpkin and spices plus the delectable maple glaze give it a real from-scratch taste. It's dotted with sweet carrots and a hint of cinnamon. Head to the Kitchen and Bake These Cakes 1 / 30Taste of HomeOld-Fashioned Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese FrostingA pleasingly moist cake, this treat is the one I requested that my mom make each year for my birthday. One bite and you'll see why this velvety beauty was named the best chocolate cake recipe won first prize. Everyone loves it now I make it for every party we attend or host. In the spirit of not being wasteful, I don' want to throw out this cake, and wanted suggestions on … Cut the cake into bite-sized pieces. How to Moisten Dry Cookie Dough. Mix your dry cake with some frosting, roll it in a ball, … Remember: there is a difference between "1 cup of sifted flour" and "1 cup of flour, sifted." A perfectly cooked cake will pull away from the pan a bit, but an over cooked cake will pull away from the edge of the pan a lot. —Stephanie Travis, Fallon, NevadaGet RecipeTaste of HomeSpiced Devil's Food CakeOne of my mom's friends gave her this recipe when I was a child, and it has been a family favorite ever since. There are a number of things that make a cake a good cake, and the first thing on that list is whether that cake is moist or not. Test the cake. The creaminess of the ice cream will make up for the dryness of the cake, and that way you’re not wasting any. —Becky Miller, Tallahassee, FloridaGet Recipe. What could be better? Since then, I’ve changed it up by adding some of my favorite ingredients, namely chocolate and coconut. —Raymonde Bourgeois, Swastika, OntarioGet RecipeTaste of HomeButtermilk Pound CakeNow that I've retired from teaching, I have more time to bake. —Edith Holmstrom, Madison, WisconsinGet RecipeGrandma's Red Velvet CakeIn our family no one thinks it’s Christmas without this Red Velvet Cake recipe. The thing with cakes is that due to the ingredients present in them they tend to dry out pretty quickly, and then you are left with … Then, put that container in a larger one, such as a roasting pan. Serve slices plain or dress them up with fresh fruit. Simple syrup is sugar and water that have been heated in equal consistencies until they make a thick, but still pourable, syrup. —Marian Platt, Sequim, WashingtonGet RecipeTaste of HomeJeweled FruitcakeI promise this jeweled fruitcake is simply fantastic. This cake gets its name because it uses three kinds of milk—evaporated, condensed and cream. Make a layer of cake pieces dipped into the syrup, followed by a layer of fruit, and a layer of custard. My banana cake with cream cheese frosting is a favorite among loved ones at my family picnics and dinners. —Nancy Zimmerman, Cape May Court House, New JerseyGet RecipeTaste of HomeContest-Winning Gingerbread with Lemon SauceI asked my mother-in-law for this recipe once I learned it's my husband's favorite. Even though I've lightened it up, it's still a family favorite. Once the bread’s hard, the cake’s ready! However, not every cake turns out perfect. Heat the sugar and water mixture (simple syrup) over medium-high heat until it boils. I figured it came out dry due to over baking a cake recipe in a cupcake. The spiced rum flavor really comes through in both the cake and the glaze. Put your cake in a container that has clearance on all sides. This cake has complex flavors and is very unique. 5 Ways To Fix Dry Cake (After Baking) 1. This is a more unusual method, but many bakers swear by it. Here are 5 quick & easy fixes to moisten a dry chocolate cake (before and after baking) — that actually work.. #UltimateChocolateCake. —Sharon Hoffman, Donna, TexasGet RecipeTaste of HomeGerman Chocolate Tres Leches CakeI first tried tres leches cake while in Ecuador several years ago. It is often made a few weeks or even months ahead of time to allow the liquor to seep into the cake and properly blend with the other flavors. Mix up a batch and place it in a spray bottle. I usually make a glaze/frosting if the cake itself turned out too dry. —Bonnie Krause, Irvona, PennsylvaniaGet RecipeTaste of HomeCoconut Italian Cream CakeI’d never tasted an Italian cream cake before moving to Colorado. —Barbara Elliott, Tyler, TexasGet RecipeTaste of HomeCoconut Chiffon CakeToasted coconut adds visual appeal to this tall and impressive cake. To make a trifle, you cut up the dry cake into small pieces, about 2 inches/5 cm x 0.5 inch/1.5 cm. —Bernardine Melton, Paola, KansasGet RecipeTaste of HomeHummingbird CakeThis impressive hummingbird cake is my dad’s favorite, so I always make it for his birthday. Eating the cake as is isn't worth the calories. Fixing a Cake that Didn't Rise Cook an unrisen cake that's still doughy a bit longer. Now I bake for people in the area, and this beauty is one of my most requested treats. It has melted unsweetened chocolate and buttermilk and hot water in it. Your email address will not be published. Increase for larger cakes. If you use baking powder past its sell-by date, your cakes won’t … Moisten a paper towel, then place it on a microwave safe plate. Wherever it came from, there are ways to bring it back before you consider tossing it. Today I brought them in to my coworkers at my day job and said "tell me what color paper you have and rate moistness 1-5, with 1 being too dry". An over cooked cake is a dry cake. Old-Fashioned Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting, These are the secret ingredients Grandma used to make her cake taste so great, Contest-Winning Gingerbread with Lemon Sauce, Do Not Sell My Personal Information – CA Residents. This buttermilk pound cake is the one I make most often. Mix equal parts of sugar and water in a small pot. Step #2. This version also has a splash of rum for an adults-only treat. I guess the same holds true for me, since I've entered this lazy daisy cake in contests and won with it. Cake Pops. When done right, cake is the best kind of dessert: it’s moist, flavorful and piled high with your favorite frosting. Sometimes, despite your best efforts, a cake turns out dry. The air will quickly dry any moisture in your cookie dough, changing the texture of the dough completely. There are a few steps you can follow to ensure that your cakes turn out perfectly moist. There’s a belief that you can maintain your cake’s moisture by leaving a damp kitchen cloth draped over it. This works, but you can’t leave the cloth there too long. The main rules for baking any sponge apply to cupcakes too. When I got married, my mother gave me a copy and I hope to someday pass it down to my children. Chocolate cake turn out too dry?. Then, place the cake on top of that and run the oven for two ten second intervals. Cupcake sponge problems To find solutions to dry, burnt or cracked cupcakes, visit our blog on the Top Twelve Sponge Cake Problems and How to Fix Them. How to Fix Dry Cake After Its Baked. Because of this, we recommend you use this on cakes whose flavors will complement this, such as apple based cakes, spice cakes, and carrot cakes. Even my friends and family members who don’t normally care for fruitcake say they love it! Brush on a simple syrup: If you find your cake is a little dry, an easy fix is to brush syrup over the top of the cake. —Marsha Davis, Desert Hot Springs, CaliforniaGet RecipeTaste of HomeMoist Lazy Daisy CakeWe always called this Mama's "never fail" recipe. Yikes! It makes a memorable dessert for any celebration and is lovely with a summer meal. Taste of Home is America's #1 cooking magazine. If all else fails, serve that cake with ice cream. Check out the easiest fixes for dry cake and how to prevent this common cake mistake from happening in the first place. Then bake as normal. Along with all the other usual chocolate cake ingredients. Finding the right balance between wet and dry ingredients is key. Follow these simple steps to replenish any moisture your fondant may have lost during the decorating process. If there isn’t, you can inject syrup by making a small hole with a toothpick and drizzling it in. Next time you have a cake you’re about to throw in the trash, try these tips out and save that delicious cake. Fondant can become too moist, too warm, too soft and too dry. When your chocolate sweet tooth acts up, this really hits the spot! This is essentially the same as the bread method, only with sliced apple instead. Here’s what you can do to fix the problem after the cake is out of the oven. These are the secret ingredients Grandma used to make her cake taste so great.Taste of HomeChocolate Bavarian TorteWhenever I take this eye-catching torte to a potluck, I get so many requests for the recipe. Your cake is dry The culprits for dry cake are ingredients that absorb moisture, such as flour or other starches, cocoa or any milk solids. This cake's light and airy texture has made it a classic in Mexican kitchens for generations. The easiest way to fix dry cake is not to make one in the first place! They unanimously said the green ones (baked the recommended time) were a 2, and the blue ones (baked 4 min less) were a 5. Only use this method if you’re serving the cake straight away. Then, place the cake … Remove from heat and allow to cool slightly. The fluffy buttery frosting is scrumptious with chopped walnuts stirred in. —Cleo Gonske, Redding, CaliforniaGet RecipeTaste of HomeSouthern Lane CakeI just love this southern-style dessert, and so do dinner guests. Did your cake come out more dry than expected? —Lauris Conrad, Turlock, CaliforniaGet RecipeTaste of HomeGrandma's Tandy KakeMy grandmother made this for all our family gatherings. Now You’re Cooking: 4 Flavorful Liqueur Pancake Recipes, Balance Your Cholesterol Levels With Banana Bread, How to Make Pancakes that are Both Healthy and Decadent, The Best Gluten-Free Pancakes Made with Ancient Cereal Grain. Then drench the cake with a sauce (see Option 1 … If you use this tip, we want to warn you that some flavor transference will occur. Uh oh! Instead, use a spoon to fill up the measuring cup. With pecans, cherries and raisins in the filling and topping, this version reminds me of a fruitcake—only so much better! An alternative to moistening the cake itself could be to serve it with something moist. I always have issues with cracked cheese cake, but found that if you put a pan of water under the cheese cake and lowering the temp it will not crack. I believe the crack is attributed to it being baked too long and possibly the heat was too high. It really is one of the best angel food cake recipes I've found. Make the same simple syrup as above. Start with 1/4 cup each of water and sugar. Set your cake pan inside the water bath (it’s a good idea to wrap it in foil—even if it says leak-proof!) If there’s exposed cake surface, such as on a single slice of cake, you can spray it directly onto the cake. But these cakes are not a lost cause! Maybe it’s left over birthday cake from your children’s birthday party, perhaps it’s the last few slices left over from a dinner party. How do you fix a dry sponge cake? With an airy texture and heavenly coconut-ginger flavor,it's a lovely end to meals throughout the year.Get RecipeTaste of HomeSandy's Chocolate CakeYears ago, I drove 4-1/2 hours to a cake contest, holding my entry on my lap the whole way. A cake can crumble for a variety of reasons: overmixed batter, too much flour, not enough sugar or not enough shortening. Try one of these methods and rescue that dry cake. Required fields are marked *. You can do this on a smaller scale for cupcakes, by placing a tea strainer over a simmering mug of water. Most boxed cake mixes call for a neutral oil, such as canola or vegetable. —Ann Bush, Colorado City, ColoradoGet RecipeTaste of HomeClassic Tres Leches CakeTres leches means "three milks." But in a pinch, I love the quick fix! Sometimes, despite your best efforts, a cake turns out dry. Sometimes (not always) the cake will not feel so dry when you eat it. —Linda Yeamans, Ashland, OregonGet Recipe7UP Pound CakeMy grandmother gave me this 7UP pound cake recipe. After all, it’d be a shame to waste it. and fill the pan with boiling water. It’s delicious with the traditional pineapple, but try it with peaches or a combination of cranberries and orange. On the other hand, if there’s too much milk and not enough flour, a cake will taste too wet. If there’s simply too much flour and not enough butter, a cake will taste dry . Take preemptive action Use butter instead of oil. … You work hard to make a cake, and then it comes out of the oven dry and crumbly. Use Cake Flour. —Kathryn H. Davison, Charlotte, North CarolinaGet RecipeTaste of HomeClassic Pineapple Upside-Down CakeThis pineapple upside-down cake is a classic recipe that never goes out of style! If you check a … This tasty dessert is popular in our family, and it always brings back fond memories of Mama. At home, you'll find her working on embroidery and other crafts. —Gracie Hanchey, De Ridder, LouisianaGet RecipeTaste of HomeGlazed Spiced Rum Pound CakesMy recipe makes two loaf-sized treats, perfect for sharing. —Sandra Johnson, Tioga, PennsylvaniaGet RecipeTaste of HomeSpicy Applesauce CakeThis picnic-perfect cake travels and slices very well. Moisten a paper towel, then place it on a microwave safe plate. Photo Credit: It’s different than other Red Velvet Cakes I’ve tasted over the years, since this one tastes only mildly chocolate and the icing is as light as snow. Your raising agents are out-of-date. Sometimes the worst happens when making a cake: It turns out dry. A second, and equally damaging culprit, is over-baking. With chocolate chips, walnuts and raisins, it's a real crowd pleaser. This will trap moisture in, but not for long.

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