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Follow this table to check the details of the use of BBCOR bat in different leagues according to the age of the player: BBCOR bats are available having the size measuring from 29-inch to 34-inch. Our review aims to make your task an easier one by compiling the top-rated baseball bats on the market for 2020. This BBCOR bat has the x14 alloy barrel that offers lightweight performance and gives the extreme pop that everyone likes. Looking for the best baseball bats for the 2020-2021 season?. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. It also adds to the overall durability of the barrel. Typically, an alloy bat BBCOR bat will be more durable and keeps its pop longer than a composite bat. Rawlings 2020 5150 BBCOR Bat -3 BBZ53. The vibration is reduced using the same technology to improve your performance at each hit. With this production, Mizuno offers lower vibration with optimal flex for higher performance. The aluminum alloy construction offers it great strength along with maximum stiffness to support the full energy transfer to the ball while reducing the vibrations of the hands. If the 2018 model is anything like last year’s, then you can expect one hell of a bat. The bat is perfect for the players who want to enjoy playing with fast swinging bat having the latest technology. This ensures that the barrel is entirely free from any ring structures, giving it a more seamless feel. Marucci CAT 8 Connect is among the best end loaded bats that has an ultra-responsive barrel. Handle construction is also a matter of personal choice as it is a part that is in direct contact with the players’ hands. 10 Best BBCOR Bats 2020. Basically, they both are similar and the main difference lies in the way the calculation is carried on. Available in four different lengths and weights, the player could select the one that suits him best. On the whole, it is one of the best BBCOR bats you can find in the market. One-piece bats always have stiff performance and so does this bat as it is a one-piece alloy. Before purchasing the right BBCOR bat, use my quick guide to make the right decision. This is the classic choice of the Aluminum barrel bat lovers with the weight drop of -3 and amazing swinging and hitting properties. To maximize the batting speed along with full barrel control, its axe handle offers ideal swing. Shop the Louisville Slugger Solo 6 BBCOR Bat 2020 (-3) 10. This three-piece construction further has dual frequency dampener which is the patent-pending combination of two materials. The Avenge features a 100% composite construction to help promote durability and performance. With the power loaded swing weight, this bat can take your game to another level when it comes out right from the wrapper. Feedback 100% (9) $949.00 USD. If the wooden bat is one-piece solid and abides all the rules of the Little Leagues then it could be used in the game without the BBCOR mark. The 618 Solo was the best BBCOR bat of 2017. The swing speed is maximized with all these special composing. Negative vibration impact, ring free barrel, increased sweet spot, and maximum power are the top qualities of this new addition in the Marucci BBCOR bat family. The Easton has created a new barrel layup design that offers maximum barrel performance with optimized balance point. It is a perfect combo of power and speed with the balanced swing to make you the superstar in the field. The construction makes the ball to reach the maximum distance on every hit. The aluminum barrel of CAT8 has thinner walls which translate into excellent pop and good trampoline effect. This popular turn model profile is built for power with a large barrel and slightly end-loaded feel. The 2019 Maruccci CAT8 BBCOR Baseball Bat brings its classic one-piece AZ105 Alloy construction to the diamond. What we like (and don’t like) about the 2020 Quatro Pro BBCOR: The “cherry bomb” design is really eye catching. This dampens down any negative feedback from the barrel to the handle. Rawlings 2020 Impact BBCOR Bat … It is said that “your swing, your choice”, you are provided with four different sizes of this bat. The premium alloy construction helps maximize performance, while maintaining balance to provide the hitter with a light-swinging bat loaded with pop. It has the monster barrel with an extra half inch length barrel design. The Easton 13.6 Hybrid (-3) BBCOR Baseball Bat includes an optimal barrel design of which provides players with better bat control and maximum launch angle, and the new Speed Cap provides a more flexible and responsive barrel with a neutral sound on impact. When the ball is hit, they take a strong impact and the player knows where the ball will go. According to the rule of this League, no BBCOR bats are allowed in Cal-Ripken Baseball. It has a three-piece design with Louisville Slugger’s 3FX connection system. From the big names to small, many companies are producing their baseball bats. The Louisville Slugger 618 Solo is a one-piece, balanced, aluminum alloy, drop 3 bat that comes hot out of the wrapper.As is expected from one-piece bats, the 618 gives stiff, traditional feel and transfers more power to the ball. The bat offers maximum energy transfer when the ball touches it barrels which could be the enjoyed perfectly by the hitters. It is the difference between the length and the weight of the baseball bat which for the BBCOR bats should be – 3. It has a balanced feel with the direct connection that gives the stiffer feel. Built for the power hitter, the Alpha is a power balanced one-piece bat crafted with ATAC Alloy reinforced with CARBON-CORE Technology to build some of the thinnest walls in the game. Additionally, you will want to select a bat that feels comfortable to you; one that is not too heavy or too light. $249.95 $118.95. They are not; BBCOR bats can only be used in high school, college and any tournaments that require BBCOR bats to be used. Like the previous models, this new edition also has the Precision Laser pOp 2.0. It is for the middle lineup power hitters who have to control the scoreboard. This bat is the largest BBCOR barrel length with its premium rat end cap. X14 alloy barrel is the identity of this bat which is specially created while keeping the power hitters in the mind. It is really powerful in absorbing shock that vibration is reduced at three points on the handle. Its 270-degree engineered hitting zone allows better performance without rotating the bat’s barrel. This bat, however, has specific technology that makes it … stiffer handle layup design, and reduced vibration, this Easton baseball bat is the best bat for power hitters. The CF8 2 3/4 Drop 10 is a tough bat to find—and there is a reason for that. Bat shaving can easily add 40-50 feet of distance to your bat. 2. A bat will be called a hybrid when the barrel and the handle are not made from the same material. This bat has been all over the CWS and is the newest 2020 release from Demarini. Another thing to consider is the construction of the bat; one-piece vs. two-piece and alloy vs. composite. The ‘Hottest BBCOR on the market’ attracted a lot of attention this season. These bats offer perfect swing with ideal bat speed. However, not every bat is suitable for every player. This year brings so many amazing additions in the former list of the best baseball bats. The 33″ 30oz model of the 2020 Meta BBCOR was banned by the NCCA as of February 25, 2020. One-piece bats: They have a solid continuous construction using a single piece of metal. It has a huge barrel with a monster sweet spot. The 2017 CF Zen can accommodate players from high school all the way to highest level professional leagues. Designed for bat speed, the 2019 Rawlings Velo is the perfect bat for a hitter who loves the feel of a light-swinging bat. Though it is a three-piece bat, the vibration is negligible because of the advanced Vibration Canceling System (VCS). Quickly jump into our best BBCOR bats and best youth bats reviews to find the perfect baseball bat for this season.. You may be a parent shopping for a Little League player or a High School player looking for a summer-league wood bat. Top 7 Benefits of Baseball Camp and How to choose the right Camp? 1 Comparison of 10 Best BBCOR Bats of 2020: 2 Reviews of Best BBCOR Bats 2020: 2.1 1. Two-piece inner composite tube system provides increased durability and performance. You probably know all the major companies, and while you would expect some of them to have great bats, you may be surprised to learn about a few of the newer or less popular companies that have emerged in the market in recent years. This bat has Axe Bats’ patented Axe Handle which enables your best swing, more often; maximizing bat speed and improving barrel control for harder, more consistent contact. Choosing the right length will provide the perfect momentum which in turn allowed smooth swinging off the bat to hardly hit the ball without producing an impact on the bat. Shock-absorbing handle helps reduce vibrations and stop stings. Rawlings VELO has been the favorite last year for many players and this year it has even more reasons to be the favorite. This is simply one of the best BBCOR bats you can buy and is suitable for a wide variety of hitters. This baseball bat has balanced construction with 2-5/8″ barrel. With the best combination of balance, flex, performance, and distance, Rawlings never fails to inspire the player. Axe Bat and their unique handle design is rapidly growing in popularity across all levels of the sport. With the vibration dampening technology, vibrations are much reduced for an amazing game. 2020 Louisville Slugger Solo BBCOR Baseball Bat: WTLBBS620B3 $ 209.95 - $ 239.95 $299.95 3 The lowest swing weight profile in the Louisville Slugger BBCOR lineup. Hottest BBCOR Bat of 2020 Certified 2020 Louisville Slugger Composite Meta Bat (-3) 29oz 32" - REMOVED. We can also get a commission when linking to other sites. 2020 Rawlings VELO ACP BBCOR Baseball Bat (BBZV3) Rawlings latest launch of their long-storied line of Velo’s is a must have in 2020. Fastest swing weight, stability, and power, the new beast with its longest composited barrel is the best two-piece bat present in the market today. A barrel is the thickest part of the bat and it is where the ball touches the bat. Marucci CAT8 (-3) BBCOR Baseball Bat - Black - 2019 Model. Louisville Slugger Vapor (-3) 2020 BBCOR baseball bat is the most durable and best-performing bat of the 7 series. One bat that is ideal for others could not necessarily be the perfect bat to trust in your game. It always gives consistent high performance and takes the Louisville Slugger’s legacy to the whole new level. New for 2019, the Axe Origin BBCOR Baseball Bat features a 1-piece, 100% Aluminum Alloy construction designed for a very balanced and controlled swing, while still providing a bunch of pop. The RCK knob makes this beast rest under your grip comfortable so you can swing and hit at your best. This BBCOR bat from DeMarini is their lightest swinging composite stick and thus, is perfect for players getting into the BBCOR game. DeMarini is always pushing the boundaries in design and performance, and the 2019 Voodoo One BBCOR Baseball Bat is no exception. Not only in performance, but the looks of this bat are also outstanding. See what we think about this new bat! There are so many factors to consider before purchasing a BBCOR bat. Featuring a huge alloy sweet spot, Rawlings found a way to create a huge sweet spot while keeping the swing weight surprisingly balanced. I’m looking forward to see what they have in store for 2020! It is part of the most advanced CF series from the company. CAT8’s handle has a micro-perforated soft-touch grip. Baseball Monkey™ and™ are operated by and are trademarks of MonkeySports, Inc. The power balanced swing weight integrates an optimized barrel length and balance point with more mass in the barrel for explosive power. DeMarini's 3Fusion End Cap redirects the energy back into the barrel, further contributing to the bat's performance. If you’re looking to get a competitive edge over your opponents this season, you want to find the best baseball bats out there. If you want a composite alternative, this can be your suitable option. This, in turn, delivers a more consistent and reliable performance. Crafted with a one-piece alloy design, the Rawlings 5150 is a great option for a hitter who loves tradition. It has a two-piece construction having the barrel and the handle isolated to enhance its power. This bat has Axe Bats’ patented Axe Handle which enables your best swing, more often; maximizing bat speed and improving barrel control for harder, more consistent contact. It allows you to swing the bat with confidence. Wooden bats are made from different forms of wood. The power swing weight helps to take the ball at the maximum distance. The Quatro Pro is the carbon fiber composite bat by Rawlings. They all provide the mean to enjoy the perfect game for every hitter. They are the stiffest among all kinds of BBCOR bats and mainly used by the professionals. Any bat can lose its pop over time with heavy use, not just a BBCOR bat. Make sure your bat has a BBCOR certified stamp on it, or it will not be considered legal. What is the best BBCOR bat for 2020? The POSEY28 Pro Metal baseball bat combines all the pop of the high-strength AZ105 alloy with the look of Marucci partner Buster Posey’s in-game model. Rawlings 5150 (-3) BBCOR Baseball Bat - 2020 Model. This one-piece hybrid BBCOR bat presents a particularly sturdy alloy development alongside a brand new 2” accelerated carbon composite finish cap. From $449.65. Mizuno says “data doesn’t lie” and this Mizuno B20-Maxcor is the example. This bat is made of alloy, so it is your typical one piece aluminum bat that has been seen around the game for years. With the dual density V sleeve, the sweet spot is made better than all the previous versions. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. Expanded sweet spot with no “dead spots” which allows for more barrel flex and increased performance. The DeMarini CF Zen Balanced BBCOR -3 Drop Baseball Bat 2020, has both weight and power, giving it an even grip. BBCOR bats are only legal in high school and collegiate leagues and tournaments. This new version is more powerful, forgiving, and better when it comes to swinging the bat at full. It optimizes the player’s ability and takes the game to the new level. With a long barrel, you will find a bigger sweet spot. Maple is one of it and makes the toughest bats. It has a light and balanced swing weight with a huge barrel that gives you full control over the bat no matter what. To further improve the smoother swing, it has a new vibration canceling system along with shock absorbing Endogrid technology. Copyright © 2018, All Rights Reserved. The balance point and barrel length are well-adjusted means this bat is a perfect combo of speed and power. However, the fact it is driving such a premium price might give you a reason to visit our full list of best youth big barrel bats. Marucci Cat 6 BBCOR Baseball Bat: 2.2 2. Power hitters prefer to use them as very little power is lost when the ball comes in contact with the bat. As this is a 2-piece bat, it gives more flexibility & more suitable for contact hitters. If your budget can fit it in, the BatSmash awards the 2020 Meta the best BBCOR bat for contact hitters this year. No other bats such as USA or USSSA bats are legal for use in high school play. Baseball; Softball; Finding a BBCOR certified bat is easy, but finding a quality bat takes a bit of time and research. The tip of the bat does not have any unneeded weight due to its composite HyperWhip End Cap. Additionally, it has a lizard skin grip that gives you comfort when you are standing for long in the field. There is also no comparison of the quality as this bat is highly durable and reliable in the field. Balanced, fast swinging, premium composite construction, and vibration canceling system, this Axe 2020 Avenge attacks the pitch like no other. Completely made with composite material, the bat offers light swinging with the toughest feel on both sides – inside and outside. They have a lot of work to do in order to outdo the 2019 CF Zen and Voodoo bats that have been a smash hit. Just have the bat and start playing. A perfect swing, a forceful hit, more power and speed, or increased durability! Overall, this bat is uniquely designed to meet the demands of the elite players who are really careful in selecting what they play with. It is the top choice of the power hitters who want to make the name in the game. The length and the weight ratio of the bat decide the fate of the physics of swing and provide the right balance while playing. 3Fusion End Cap reduces weight at the end of the bat for more balanced swing. This whole construction provides an amazing combo of power and speed. Or, maybe better yet, try the Meta PWR version, which is not banned, in a 33-inch. The weight of the baseball bats is measured in the term of weight drop. We hope that this article has helped in the decision-making process of buying a new bat, and that you have been able to narrow down your choices.

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