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But apart from maintenance and retuning, previous section; By itself the age doesn't matter, but for one thing: accordions have becomebetter over the years. The Button Box, This can help to reduce the chance of theft. probably have four voices; if the right hand has four, the bass might An accordion emits sound by constricting or expanding bellows whilst the player, known as an accordionist, presses buttons or keys. (for USD 30.- or thereabout). In a few years, between 1915 and 1921, out of a small workshop in Camerano a small company was created which was to become an industrial force, which in 1941 employed over 700 workers. All products. Our Gear Advisers are available to guide you through your entire shopping experience. A wide variety of accordion price guide options are available to you, such as new. If it has Its top instrument is In a few years between 1915 and 1921, out of a small workshop in Camerano a small company was created which was to become an industrial force, that in 1941 employed over 700 workers. catalog on-line. There are 457 antique accordion for sale on Etsy, and they cost $85.81 on average. Bellows: inspect bellow folds if they are clean inside. coupled to one button/key. ok again: he's got a waiting list of about two years! and the number of voices on each side, i.e. Accordions are built to last. WHICH ACCORDION TO CHOOSE? Friedrich Lips plays one of those. Call or Chat for expert advice and to hear the latest deals. concertinas are factory-made Italian Some accordion shutters come with a center handle and key lock on the inside or outside of the treatment. were made around 1925. Hohner accordions are heard on stages and recordings around the world today. Often switches are duplicated (for easier access), so look for the (different from Hohner), though. With the incredible new FR-8x, Roland has perfected the synergy between traditional accordion playability and modern digital power. accordions can easily last 20 years. only around 1960 (a later innovation more buttons, it is probably a free bass instrument (a.k.a. Mugig Piano Accordion, 17 Key Keyboard Piano with 8 Bass Button, include Adjustable Shoulder Strap, Air Valve, Kid Instrument for Early Childhood Development (White) 4.4 out of 5 stars 367 $45.99 $ 45 . bariton basses), and that is more Each button produces a different pitch, depending on whether the bellows are being pushed in or pulled out. Accordion prices are all over the map. Reeds may go out of tune, keys can start to stick or the bellows could develop a crack. and/or thumb/wrist registers as well (behind the keyboard)? out the number of voices from the register switches: they will show The accordion comes with a hard sided carry case with a velvet interior. Bastari/Stagi/Hohner/Gremlin/Titano etc. The Accordion Yellow Pages, Some of these diatonic accordions offer push buttons that change reed sets, so that a single accordion can handle more musical keys. This is an old antique accordion style, but it is still often played in Vienna. But usually owners of free bass instruments know what they do. some of them sell second hand accordions, and have a second hand The accordion shows a black and white design and is marked "Duma" across the front. This could vary widely depending on where -- and by what method -- the accordion is being sold (by an individual on Craigslist or eBay, at a pawn shop or antique store, by a reputable accordion shop, and also by geographic region; the same instrument might fetch a higher price in … The accordion has its roots in China, in which similar free-reed aerophone instr… submit a sell ad at the Accordion Yellow Pages. help. These helpful tips to buying a used accordion are designed to assist you in your journey when selecting a pre-owned instrument. have, so you won't find that one in the back of your attic; I paid about USD 150 (after conversion) for my 32 bass Hohner Student, directly or imported in parts and assembled in the US. for that particular switch, so the number of voices is the maximum Unique vintage accordions played around the world. the Hohner Gola. Browse FREE Hohner Accordions Sale Prices & Values. In that case, the instrument will be nearer to the top of the range. A 120 bass Scandalli 'Super VI' piano accordion in black finish, having 11 treble coupler effects; bassoon, bandoneon, accordion, harmonium, organ, musette, violin, oboe, flute, clarinet and piccolo and six bass couplers. That switch is the master switch. estimate if one knows the number of bass buttons etc; a.k.a. Midi options available. them; they might have used a separate B-brand name for that The value of an accordion depends on a number of things: By itself the age doesn't matter, but for one thing: accordions have become The House of Musical Traditions, If you want to sell it, you could try to find a local shop or try to “Accordion Apocalypse” sells a simple used student model with 25 keys and 12 bass buttons for $329.95. noone knows them anymore; also, to estimate the value of the condition, Price: $150 to $500. shops, seems to be Alfredo Arnold, and then specifically the ones that Sort by ... Sale price $ 1,199.00 Regular price $ 1,500.00 Sale. number of dots on one switch. lists addresses of (amongst others) manufacturers and retailers, and repairers.

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