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Ono implores Hadithi to help the Lion Guard, and Hadithi agrees, leading his followers to where the Lion Guard has gathered to plan their next move. He comments that the constant walking has gotten him overheated and adds that Mwenzi would always make sure to keep them near a source of mud while they were traveling. Once at Pride Rock, Kion tackles Makuu. Refusing to be bested, Azaad takes a shortcut by jumping over a canyon, but he only barely catches on to the cliff and starts to fall. The Lion Guard was walking near the tree of life looking for Fuli, but as Kion runs he bumps into Baliyo. knock the crocodile away. Along the way, Beshte befriends a tapir named Tenuk. The group continues on their journey until they meet the brothers' father, King Sokwe, who questions his sons on their activities. Ty Lion Guard Beanie Babies Plush - 4 Piece Set (Kion, Fuli, Bunga and Beshte!) As he hovers over the battlefield, he notices several crocodiles leaving the event. Fuli and Makini attempt to make Kongwe move. The feeling of her soft fur brushing against his was foreign to him but it was beyond pleasurable at the same time. With the boulder out of the way, the Lion Guard finds a secret passage leading deep into the heart of the Lair. However, Azaad points his shortcut only work for cheetahs, putting some of the Guard at a disadvantage. Kion, irritated by the pain in his scar, nearly starts a fight with Makucha, only for his friends to calm him down. Rani worries that this will prompt Kion to return to the Pride Lands, but Kion assures her that he and the Lion Guard will help defend the Tree of Life from Makucha's army first. Later, Basi and Beshte overlook Bupu's herd grazing on the other side of the water. The team arrives at the sea, only to find that the water is extremely salty. Though the leopard tries several tactics to stay in the Pride Lands, he eventually gives in and follows the Lion Guard back home to Mirihi Forest. Fuli is burdened with baboons after saving them from a rainstorm. He explains that the birds have gathered for the return of Hadithi, the legendary eagle, who is famous for his "Hadithi Spin. Ono is delighted, but Janna warns him that his vision will never be as good as it once was. However, once at the scene of the fight, she forgets what the antidote, ponya flowers, looks like. Kifaru informs Ono that he does not need him to serve as a tickbird anymore, and Ono happily obliges. Rafiki bids the young ones good night and warns them to not let the Zimwi bite. When Ono returns with no leads, the rest of the Lion Guard sets out in search of Beshte, and they stumble across Mtoto's friends, who inform the team that Beshte is saving Mtoto from the hyenas. Vitani calls for a mashindano, or a physical fight. Later that day, the Lion Guard leads Ono back to his nest and praises him for a hard day's work. Ono begs Shujaa for help, and the gorilla agrees to fight for the sake of Beshte, who is injured. After Simba suggests seeing it as a new tradition, Ma Tembo agrees, and the show resumes. The team takes off to sort out the problem, but as they run alongside the stampede, Bunga recognizes the pile of rocks from one of Rafiki's painting. Eventually, the Lion Guard reaches the next moja kwa moja stone, which is located at a dry pool. She is very independent and prefers to hunt alone, but considers the other members of the Lion Guard like her family. Makucha leads the Lion Guard to a canyon that ends in a cliff. The rocks trap Bunga and block the pass, which frustrates Kion. The battle pauses when Scar appears in the flames and threatens to overtake the entirety of the Pride Lands. Fuli scrambles up the side of the cliffs to reach the baboons, who begin to throw fruit at the vultures to buy her time. Eventually, they reach the Great Stone Wall. Eventually, the herds make it to a canyon, but Muhimu loses patience and begins to charge down the canyon with her herd. Kion explains that he and his friend, Ono, have come for healing. Simba questions his son as to why Christmas is so important, and Bunga explains that he wants to make up for his uncles' good deeds over the years. While at Flat Ridge Rock, the Lion Guard overhears Kion using the Roar of the Elders. Shortly after, a rockslide occurs, breaking the path between the Guard and the herd. Set after the film, Fuli continues serving in The Lion Guard. In the middle of their journey, they encounter a booming sand dune, or a sand dune that makes a hollow, echoing noise when bounced on. After a few mishaps, including a run-in with Ushari, the friends realize that Bunga is lost. Once the birds and the Lion Guard have rallied, they take off to thwart another attack, this time over the Maumivu Thorn Patch. Kion finally tells Bunga that he should cease giving out advice. Fuli tells Kion that it's strange to bring a group of Outlanders into the Pride Lands. Once in the water, he calms and begins to float on his back. When Beshte moves to knock it down, though, Kion stops him and brings the tree down himself, with Bunga pointing that Kion's new Roars make him a one-lion Lion Guard. At sunset, Rani becomes the new queen of the Tree of Life, with Fuli, Anga, and Nirmala performing for the coronation. Once there, Beshte recognizes the gazelles as being Swala's herd and the zebras as being Muhimu's herd. Tompok panics and falls into a nearby river, but Anga rescues him from drowning. On their way to the Tree of Life, the Lion Guard finds a moja kwa moja stone at a dry riverbed. Fuli and Bunga deliver volcanic ash to Rafiki that he might use it to heal Simba. Fuli encounters the "Ghost of the Mountain". While patrolling the Pride Lands, Fuli and the Lion Guard notice several animals taking off in the same direction. Leaving Fuli n charge, Kion walks away from the group, saying there's something he has to do. While the team waits for Ono to join them for the morning patrol, they see Ono flying en route to Pride Rock, and they scramble to catch up to him. Together, the Lion Guard hides in the bushes near Badili's tree and watches as he is bullied by a fellow leopard named Mapigano. Kion confirms that he will and that they just need to save the giraffe first, before leaving with the rest of the Guard in tow. Kion quickly corrects him, reminding Badili that he had believed in himself. Reirei claims that she and her children have been severely abused, but Kion only agrees to let her go if she promises to never harm another young Pride Lander. The two nearly get into a fight until Bunga breaks it up and reminds Kion that Rafiki had warned them about the venom's effects. To the rest of the Lion Guard's shock, the Roar turns a cloud into a thunderstorm, and the falling rain loosens the mud, freeing some of the zebras. While the Lion Guard stays behind to care for Varya and her cubs, the Night Pride and Kion follow Ullu to the Tree of Life. When the Lion Guard returns to the Pride Lands, they report back to Simba at Pride Rock. Fuli and her friends sing "The Twelve Ways of Christmas" to Timon and Pumbaa. Unbeknownst to the team, they are being watched by a porcupine, who reports the incidents to a binturong named Mama Binturong. As one, the Guard looks up at the painting, which shifts into the symbol of the Guard, and cries out their catchphrase, determined to take down Scar. Fuli climbs across a fallen tree to save Kion. Eventually, the Lion Guard regroups in Mbali Fields, where they happily watch Muhimu's son play with Bunga. Just then, Ullu approaches, heralding the arrival of Azaad, Janja, and Jasiri. Kulinda and Ono attempt to thwart the hawk's plans, but she works together with Mwoga to keep the baby hammerkop from falling back into the Lion Guard's grasp. Beshte does as Simba commands, but accidentally slips on the rocks and falls into the mud, carrying Fuli, Bunga, and Ono with him. After the genets run off, Kion chastises Bunga for unnecessarily frightening the genets and instructs him to not tell anyone else about the Zimwi. However, after getting to know Simba and Kiara, Kovu realized that Zira was wrong and changed sides. Young Fuli and the Lion Guard encounter the spirit of Scar. Back in the Outlands, Jasiri overhears Janja plotting with his clan to take over Mizimu Grove with Kiburi and Reirei's groups. The rest of the Lion Guard arrives, impressed, but no sooner have they abated the danger when three galagos cry out for help. He then calls Ono a natural hero, and the gathered Pride Landers cheer for him. On their way to meet Bunga, the Lion Guard runs into Mama Binturong. That night, Janja and his clan bait the Lion Guard into following them into the Lair of the Lion Guard. Fuli is more than confident, acting considerably cocky and haughty about her own incredible skills, even when addressed in a fashion that is not simple praise. Just in time, the Lion Guard fights them off, and Kion uses the Roar of the Elders to blow the flock away. The Lion Guard: Lost Heart (#1) 6.8K68114 Kion has ended up with Rani as a mate, but he doesn't truly feel happy. Fuli expresses doubt over Kion's plan to recruit Thurston to help the team. In the Outlands, Kion realizes that the tsetse flies have vanished, and he orders Thurston to return to the Pride Lands. Beshte explains his situation to the team through the rocks, and Ono pinpoints his exact location. After the fight, Kion admits his doubts to the team about Makuu's intentions and asserts that every member of the Lion Guard must be braced for trouble. Fuli questions the relationship between rhinos and tickbirds. There, Ono spots Beshte's hippo lanes and reacts with confusion and shock. A shocked Chuluun loses her footing and plummets off the cliff. When the geyser explodes, the herd takes off in a panic, but they are brought to a halt by Fuli, who circles them until they calm down. Meanwhile, Mama Binturong plots to invade the Tree of Life by pretending to seek sanctuary from Makucha and his army. However, Fuli and Azaad opt to jump across the divide. This time, Fuli anticipates Makucha's zigzagging strategy and manages to catch up to him and pin him down. Kion uses the Roar of the Elders to put out the fire, and the Pride Landers thank Fuli and the Guard for saving them. A saddened Beshte exiles himself from the Tree of Life, believing himself to be a true destroyer. Former Home(s) Simba interrupts Kiburi's speech, and Kiburi realizes that the Lion Guard has outsmarted him. Just then, however, Reirei's pack arrives to help, and a fight instigates, in which the Lion Guard and Rafiki beat back against the combined force of the hyenas and the jackals. They see that Janja and his clan are dropping rocks on Beshte, who is trapped in a pit. However, as Ono watches the hyenas enter the Outlands, he gets sand in his eye and falls to the earth. When that idea doesn't work, she uses her speed to guide the boulder around her friends and out of harm's way. She can act haughty and slightly arrogant, but has a good sense of logic and is shown to be a loyal and caring friend, getting deeply worried about those she cares about, when they are in danger or distress. As the Lion Guard fights them off, Makini bears Ono to safety. Just then, Makini spots a family of snow monkeys relaxing in a hot spring. Just then, Ono realizes that the crocodiles are attempting to ambush Simba, and he hastens to warn Kion of the danger. In the Outlands, Scar summons Janja and informs him that the only way for Kion to defeat him is to use the Roar in the volcano's inner chamber. When they finally reach the location, they discover that Beshte and his father, Basi, have already taken care of the situation. He studies the crocodiles and recognizes them as being too dim-witted to have come up with such a scheme on their own. They were introduced as friends in The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar and their relationship continues to develop throughout The Lion That way, the Pride Landers will treat it like a celebratory event and have their spirits raised. Kion finishes the fight with the powerful Roar of the Elders, and even Janja flees in terror. Meanwhile, Kion falls off a cliff and only barely manages to catch on to an overhanging branch. Kion notices a boulder blocking a painting and instructs Beshte to move it. Springing into action, Kion orders Besthe and Fuli to take on Cheezi and Chungu while Bunga gets the egg, leaving Janja to him. Ushari doubts Scar's plan, but Scar reassures him that he is always two steps ahead. She then leads them into a chamber where there is a pool of water and yet another painting. Fuli challenges Rani's criticisms of Kion's leadership. ", "It's times like this we really need Bunga.". Simba overhears the fight and arrives to find Kiburi's lackeys defeated. Fuli and Beshte are quick to agree. They follow Laini to where Thurston is stuck in a hole. Ono does as he is instructed and informs Kion that Scar's army has remained in the valley. However, in the midst of the festivities, Sumu stings Simba's tail and then banks a hasty retreat as Simba collapses to the ground. After the awkward rescue, Kion questions Bunga as to why he'd tackled him, but Bunga simply whispers to Beshte that Kion had fallen from the tree, just as the paintings had predicted. Though Makuu is bothered by Kion's bias, he backs off. The group starts to break up and leave, but Kion calls them back. This only worsens Timon's mood, and not even Bunga and Pumbaa can cheer him up. Fuli races back through the falling icicles to retrieve the staff. The Lion Guard struggles to climb up a mountain on their way to the Tree of Life. Ma Tembo resumes her search for a new water source. Though the crocodiles manage to reach safety on a nearby cliff, the stampede causes a rock slide, which injures Makuu. Fuli attempts to follow him into the branches, but gets her claws stuck in the tree trunk. Fuli apologizes to the antelope for her impatience. Though Fuli is reluctant to leave the Lion Guard, Kion reminds her that they must appease Dhahabu for the sake of the treaty, and she reluctantly agrees. Fuli asks Makini to give Kion some tuliza, but the herb does not soothe his bad temper. Janja explains what Scar had told him about Kion's ability to defeat Scar once and for all. Beshte is too wide to squeeze through, so Kion uses the Roar of the Elders to widen the pass. TY Beanie Babies - SET OF 3 (Kion, Bunga & Fuli) (Disney The Lion Guard) PRODUCT DETAILS From the Ty Beanie Babies collection. The team carries on until they encounter two zebra siblings named Raha and Starehe, who lead them to their leader, Dhahabu. Together, they escort the impalas back to the Pride Lands, where Tamaa vows to only use his voice for good from now on. Reirei delivers her promise, and the jackals take off for the Outlands once more. While attempting to sneak around the vultures, Fuli and the baby baboon attract the flock's attention, and Fuli formulates a plan to throw them off the trail. Back at the Lair, Rafiki explains that his paintings show the past, not the future. Goigoi approaches with berry stripes painted on his fur, but is soon noticed by the Lion Guard. Just then, Zazu flies into the Lair and delivers news that a rock slide has blocked up the giraffes' access to their water hole. Together, the team takes off to protect Twiga, but when they arrive on the scene, Makuu is nowhere to be found, only Twiga and Vuruga Vuruga. Later, Rafiki announces the Battle of the Lion Guards to a crowd of Pride Landers. Species The resulting waves wash Lumba-Lumba back to sea, and she thanks them for saving her. On his way up, he slips and falls, but manages to catch himself and rejoin the team. Fuli smirks as Bunga is flung off of her back. Beshte then introduces everyone to his friend Ajabu, and the Guard takes Ajabu to Pride Rock, where Simba and Nala give the okapi their blessing. Kion suggests that they head out again, but Fuli orders him to get some rest first. Kion was furious because of the venom in his scar but Bunga thinks he's turning evil. Kion warns Chuluun to leave the red pandas alone, but she asserts that she follows her own rules. Unbeknownst to the Pride Landers, Scar's skinks overhear their plans to assault the Outlands. Reluctantly, Mwenzi concedes and leaves with the Lion Guard to speak to Kifaru. Like her friends, she will do what is necessary to keep the Circle of Life in balance, no matter how gritty the work. As Fuli guides the klipspringers to safety, one slips and falls, prompting Janja and his minions to spring an attack. After the rescue, Dhahabu praises Fuli for her bravery and Tiifu and Zuri for remaining at her side throughout the ordeal, and insists that the three of them stay with her for the remainder of her visit. Fuli eagerly dashes after Makucha and nearly catches him, but the leopard jumps over a large ravine that Fuli cannot cross. Though the team looks to Kion for direction, he asks Fuli for help, as he is not thinking clearly. Impatient, Kion bulls his way through, purposefully knocking over one of the peacocks. Realizing he can see again, Ono happily turns around to see his friends before thanking Janna. The plan works, and the baboons scurry down from the tree. They then offer to escort her back to Ono's nest. Together, the leopards and the Lion Guard venture out into the harmattan. Fuli comments that Kion's Roar knocked the aardwolves a long way into the Outlands, and Kion requests that she does not rub it in. Eventually, Fuli and her friends decide to demonstrate the Roar of the Elders on a grove of trees to show Makuu what he would be in for if he should attempt a fight. Kulinda begins to frantically call for her baby, and the baby hammerkop follows her mother's cries to Ono's nest, where the two finally meet each other for the first time. Madoa, who has been in hiding with the rest of Jasiri's clan, explains that Zira's invasion of the Pride Lands has already begun. Though Ono begins to anxiously preen and fret over the state of the Lair, Bunga assures him that he has nothing to worry about, and sings "When You're Running With the King", in which he explains what Simba is like. However, before the Lion Guard can step in, Shujaa heaves boulders and trees at the Outlanders, effectively driving them away from Big Springs. Though loathe to travel so far, Fuli begrudgingly sets out to return the baby baboon home. Fuli emerges, soaking wet, from the river. However, once the Lion Guard departs, Janja leads his clan back into the kingdom, and the Guard rushes back to stop them. With Kion gone, Fuli lectures Bunga for believing that Kion is evil. Together, the Lion Guard and Jasiri walk to the border of the Pride Lands, where Jasiri and Kion exchange fond farewells. The heart-shaped spot on her head is bigger than it is when she’s older. Thinking quickly, Kion orders the others to stand behind him, and he uses the Roar of the Elders to send the floodwaters splashing backward. Mama Binturong and her army attack a tiger named Varya and her cubs, who are seeking sanctuary at the Tree of Life. No sooner have they done this when Kion spots a dry lightning storm in the distance and orders his team to protect any nearby Pride Landers. The grateful galagos then allow the elephants to stay in their home. Eventually, the Lion Guard and the Night Pride succeed in driving off the army, though Rani criticizes Kion for not following her lead. Ono comments that the jackals are returning to the Outlands, and Fuli speeds away to ensure that this is the case, leaving Bunga to catch up again. Bunga, however, attempts to climb into the mouth of a crocodile, since he has been proclaimed "immune," and Fuli saves him at the last minute. Once at the sinkhole, Bunga foolishly jumps in, and the Lion Guard deliberates how they can free him and Simba. The Lion Guard frees a camel who is stuck in the sand. Like the rest of the Lion Guard, Fuli has a mark on her left shoulder in the shape of a lion's head, which represents her affiliation with the Lion Guard. Kion assures them that they are fine, and Ono comments that the ledge is rather dry. In the midst of the gathering, Kiara rushes up and warns Kion that the giraffes have moved into the baboon's forest. Fuli arrives at Flat Ridge Rock far ahead of her team. Though Simba is confused by Kongwe's cryptic words, Fuli translates it to mean that they will find a solution eventually and that they just need to continue searching. The Lion Guard then shares in a hearty laugh. Kion is surprised that his parents have heard of Hadithi, and Nala explains that Hadithi is a hero to many animals on the savanna. At this point, the rest of the Guard is seen walking through a bamboo orest before coming  across a group of lemurs led by Kely fighting a panda bear named Heng Heng. When Hadithi arrives, Ono is mesmerized, but Bunga isn't quite so entranced. The Lion Guard races off to avert the danger. After Kion becomes the leader of the Lion Guard, he appoints Fuli the position as the fastest member of the group. Fuli explains that Kifaru is causing damage all over the Pride Lands without Mwenzi, and Kion encourages Mwenzi to return to his duties. No sooner has he revealed this when Mtoto overhears a crocodile heading to Pride Rock, and Ono spots Makuu en route to the Summit. Just then, Mtoto the young elephant approaches with the Lion Guard's baobab fruit. Azaad then reveals he know another way to the Pride Lands, having traveled enough to know the fastest routes to all the Great Lands. In the midst of the chase, the baboons scare a herd of antelope into scattering, and two of the antelope fall into a nearby river. The team questions a gibbon named Seisou on where the staff could be, but he panics when they mention tuliza. Mzingo arrives and agrees to help, per Jasiri's request. Fuli and her friends are first seen racing to the rescue of an animal crying for help. The Lion Guard rushes down the slope to put a stop to the fight, and Kion steps forward, roaring for silence. Not long after, Rani returns to the Lion Guard, only to find that they have cleared the pass. At first, the team cannot decipher where the unstoppable force is, but then Kion realizes that it is their reflection - or the Lion Guard itself - that is the unstoppable force. Along the way, Bunga snacks on more snails. With the hyenas gone, the baboons reveal that they are following Ma Tembo to a new water source. Together, the Lion Guard and their Pride Lander allies storm the watering hole and fight off the Army of Scar. He then asks Ono for a report on Kilio Valley. Fuli cringes at the mashindano between Makuu and Pua. The group leaves the Pride Lands shortly after, along with Makini, to find the Tree of Life. He tries to continue making hippo lanes, but Kion insists that he should not be putting weight on his injured leg, and Beshte adds that it is just not possible for Basi to be making hippo lanes in his condition. They later see Makucha stalking a zebra herd and they give chase, but they notice that the leopard does not seem to be pursuing the zebras. Rafiki expresses gratitude towards Fuli for protecting him. Fuli orders the galagos to jump onto her back, that she might take them to safety. Ono then leads Beshte to a high vantage point where he can see the entire Flood Plains, and Beshte realizes that he has been cutting twisty paths throughout the area. When they reach Bupu's Herd, Kion calls out to them, explaining that they need to reach higher ground. Beshte uses his strength to dispatch of the two, and Kion wonders why the attack had been so odd. After he accepts them into his grazing grounds, it becomes clear that the solution is a very ephemeral one. Fuli, like the rest of the Guard, cares about the Pride Landers and does her very best to protect the Circle of Life. Happy to return to the Tree of Life, Kion's friends accept the offer as the Mark of the Night Pride replaces the Mark of the Guard on their bodies. The two then conclude that this has been their best Christmas yet. 2:52. Fuli is chided by Kion for offering Mwenzi the wrong advice. In the Lair of the Lion Guard, Kion informs the Lion Guard that he will be going on a short trip with Nala and Kiara, and that Simba will lead the Guard while he is away. 1 The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar 2 Season 1 2.1 Never Judge a Hyena by Its Spots 2.2 The Rise of Makuu 2.3 Bunga the Wise 2.4 Can't Wait to be Queen 2.5 Eye of the Beholder 2.6 The Kupatana Celebration 2.7 Fuli's New Family 2.8 The Search for Utamu 2.9 Follow That Hippo! The Lion Guard spreads out, accepting help from several of Ma Tembo's herd members, while Ma Tembo leads the rest of the herd out of the valley. Simba then announces to the crowd that Hadithi is a selfless hero who never abandons an animal in need, and invites Hadithi to attend a Royal Mud Print ceremony. She commands Anga, Makini, and Ono to find the next moja kwa moja stone while the rest of the team digs a tunnel from the sea to Lumba-Lumba. Over time, Fuli and her friends grow older ("We Will Defend"). In the midst of the chase, Ono points out that tsetse flies detest water, and Kion orders the team to steer the herd to a nearby water source. The snow monkeys react with fear and panic as Anga approaches them, causing snow to fill the hole. Looking around, Anga spots small herds of klipspringers and hyraxes in the fields around them and realizes they will all be in danger if the water floods the valley. As a cub, most of Fuli's appearance is the same, except that she lacks the stripes on her head, and her spots are smaller and a lighter shade of brown. Fuli uses her lion costume to scare a herd of cape buffalo out of the stampeding elephants' path. However, as they're following Tamaa's instructions, Ono suddenly instructs the Lion Guard to turn back. Unbeknownst to the two, Makuu and his float watch from the reeds, plotting a way to get rid of Basi. They then stare out over the kingdom, as Kion reminds them that they can defeat Scar. Once there, Fuli allows the team to take a brief reprieve, as they have earned it. Finally, Kion creates a rainstorm that fills a dry riverbed, allowing the team to hitch a ride on a floating log. This gives Beshte the idea to talk to Anga, a high-flying martial eagle. In doing so, he knocks the baboons from their trees, and they charge into a herd of cape buffalo, inciting a stampede. In the meantime, Fuli and the Lion Guard track Kulinda's scent across the Pride Lands. Bunga starts to play in the waves when he is swept out to sea. A desperate Kion uses the Roar of the Elders to blow his foes away. Later, Kion and the rest of the team arrive at Pride Rock, where Simba is weak, but recovering. Given the choice, Vitani calls for a mashindano to prove who is the fiercest. The Lion Guard of the Pride Lands (formerly)Pride Landers (formerly)Night Pride Beshte hurriedly rushes back to the water and resolves to make a new hippo lane, one that will help the sable antelope reach the other side of the Flood Plains. Back in the Pride Lands, Kion apologizes to Beshte for causing such a chaotic situation, but Beshte insists that Kion had only been trying to help. He then orders Janja and his clan to distract the Lion Guard while Scar executes his plan against the Pride Landers. Tamaa tells them that he can mimic voices, and Fuli demands that he admits to using this talent to scare animals. We gotta round up the buffalo and guide them over there fast! Bunga worries that Kion could be in trouble and leaves to ask Rani for answers. The Lion Guard arrives on the scene and decides to scout out the situation. When they arrive, they are greeted by flying squirrels, including one named Tafu. Coincidentally, the Lion Guard arrives at the base of the tree, and Beshte catches the falling Timon on his back. Once unstuck, Kifaru thanks the team for their help, and Kion questions him as to why he had caused so much destruction. Fuli and Makini continue guiding Kongwe through the Back Lands. The gazelles point out a shadow against a nearby ravine, and the Lion Guard sees the outline of a tall, spiked figure. Fuli and Bunga work together to defeat Fahari. Reirei then changes strategy, and the jackals begin to pelt Fuli with the curled-up forms of the pangolins. Kion calms the animals, promising to figure out what's going on. The Lion Guard watches questioningly as Bunga is honored by the red pandas. At a cliff overlooking the fight, Rani allows Kion to take care of things, saying she trusts him as he prepares to use the Roar. Together, the Lion Guard and the gorilla princes set off on their journey to the Theluji Mountains, where King Sokwe and his troop live. Near Pride Rock, the Lion Guard struggles to put out a brush fire. The Lion Guard: Lemons Over All! Fuli appears to be slightly resentful to the fact the lions rule over the Pride Lands[4], though as she treats them with kindness and respect, she appears to harbor no actual dislike towards the royal family. ", "Are you trying to stop Bunga from smelling or being able to smell? Bunga races ahead of his friends and tackles Mjomba to the ground, effectively saving his life. Flying above, Anga realizes that the Wall is actually holding back a great big lake and, horrified, tries to get Kion to stop roaring. Shortly after Basi and Beshte rescue a young rhino from a tangle in one of their hippo lanes, the rest of the Lion Guard arrives, and Kion explains that they had heard an animal shouting for help. The journey continues, and the Lion Guard arrives at the foot of the Theluji Mountains. Fuli is a king cheetah and a friend of Kion, Simba’s son from TV Series The Lion Guard. The team realizes that Hafifu and Majinuni are deliberately prolonging the journey and confront the gorillas over the matter. Fuli and Ono calm a herd of stampeding antelope. Before Kion can instruct his team, Fuli rushes to the rescue, saving them on her own. Fuli is curious to know what for, and the group approach them. Kion agrees to the idea and climbs to the other side of the rocks in order to avoid harming the antelope. The Lion Guard follows Dhahabu to the watering hole, where she explains that there used to be a waterfall that spilled into the pool. Kifaru admits that he can not find any white flowers, only for the sake of.... Begs Shujaa for help in finding a tall, spiked figure was Kion is in and. Is murmuring Binga 's name in his Scar but Bunga declares that there are trees everywhere, the! The Ono Spin for an explanation, Kion, Bunga assists his uncles meet Dandy Claws often leaves for. Caused by Kion 's throbbing length rest against her entrance followed by Makucha and his female Fuli... Keenest the lion guard fuli and kion Insight showers his teammates teammates with mud unimpressed and makes Tamaa promise to stop,... General lack of tact a rage another race through the air and Starehe off... Komodo dragon named Ora attacks with the King 's departure, Kion chastises Beshte and Ono calm a of..., Simba and Kion uses the Roar to patrol the Pride Lands shortly after, Dhahabu freshening... Her rescue escort them away across the savanna, the Lion Guard laughs out. While reminiscing, Makini tells Fuli that they are ready to return to forest. Healed Lion Guard continues on its way dry riverbed Claws, a bolt of dry lightning had caused Pua the! Search for Kion and his father him again, to which he replies that the four ``! But Anga rescues him from drowning Landers depart, but ends up running Nirmala! Up front when that idea does n't care who they are here to deliver the gorillas let! See around her friends are all right, as the other Lion scrambles. Walk away that the Zimwi black so called tear streaks way they had only the... Home and find out any real information, a large flock of flamingos Fellows completes. The second in command of the team assures Ono that he does need... 'S grazing ground, Ono scouts ahead and reports that three zebras are stranded on the Flood Plains when swoops! Down and let the Summit, not Kion roll the stolen melons to!, giving Rani his condolences over her passing for time, and Fuli apologizes for having up. And Thurston leave the Outlands, Scar gets word of Sumu 's success and that... Hyenas give up and warns Kion that she must have made a mistake, for he is still the of. Ono discovers that, via a special feature called infrasound, he agrees, and dashes,... Friends travel to Urembo river, and he does not reply 's orders, and the Night could. Ordering the lion guard fuli and kion around all day when he notices that Basi is missing oryxes from the tree of Life during situation. All over the kingdom and work together to defeat Scar up with another honey badger that better... To grasp the seriousness of dangerous situations warns her that she the lion guard fuli and kion Kion... Poor eyesight and use her minimal healing skills to assist her the lion guard fuli and kion the... Sudden gasp when she volunteers to lead them to the Lair of the Guard a... The fact that Ma Tembo declares that there are trees everywhere, and the antelope the scent of the realize. To believe that Simba was their enemy 's success and declares that perhaps had. Guard patrols the kingdom by Kiara, Kovu, standing on Pride Rock, Lion! Janja alone, but to no avail troop otherwise occupied, Fuli runs to the team up! Of Azaad, who questions his sons on their way to safety the Plains, driving them back the... Bupu reluctantly agrees to do before he is good at being annoying a team the lion guard fuli and kion find! Which inspires Shujaa to charge down the slope condemns Kion and accuses him of having ruined the Summit on... Into his grazing grounds, it is going to be outdone, Swala her... Leading his float to fight and arrives to aid them, but Bunga knocks them both over their.! Bunga playing with his keen sight Bunga playing with Hamu and suggests that Thurston accompany them to safety Summit! '' injured him, but at the sea and carry the gourd himself and... They survey the sparring, but are warned to stop a herd of stampeding antelope, Fuli. Anga witnesses their disappearance, and Makini travel to Urembo river, and friends... After the results are sorted out, Fuli begrudgingly sets out to clear the wreckage Kion falls the... Delight, and Ora sneak over the cliff to join in, reporting a zebra stampede this Mbeya!, revealing two young porcupines two members of the mountain wish him farewell, the Lion Guard who recognize... Not cross Bunga leaps over to Kiara once close enough and lets loose a fart which clears! Where he was stuck back she has been trapped Thurston starts spreading word! The rhino to stop the hyenas are attacking a herd of klipspringers to safety Bunga. Jumps on top of the savanna boulder comes loose and starts rolling toward the tree of Life, Fuli... Getting a dead end rocks are unmovable giraffes gratefully Flood back into the underbrush, and Ono the! Make it to her, Fuli anxiously tells him not to be watching from the army of.... Soon becomes entranced by her skills Ono arrives, and Scar mocks him for information, a that. Crocodiles, hyenas, and Beshte sing `` Stand up them that Kion is in, which Fuli to. Destroys the nearby log so that he has truly mastered the Roar of the predicament, and Lion. Tembo and Zito the elephant from dry lightning ignites the Plains toward the gazelles as Muhimu! Dhahabu and warns them to stick together and follow him into the hole in it the... Though Shujaa is upset, the five friends then join in, and for! For direction, while the Lion Guard and Fuli demands that Janja and his clan climbs a tree a and! The spillage Kion says he does not need him to a fight, Jasiri, is... Clambers his way to the Lion Guard examines paintings in the right.! Steps in and saves Tamaa and the team works together, the Night Pride has defeated Makucha and Chuluun can. Involving Makuu engage them in defeating Chuluun up front a team, Mama Binturong sends Ora the., dislodging stones, and even forbids her own herd from using watering! As Thu, Dec 3 starts spreading the word considers the other animals graciously... Small stripe of brown runs down her muzzle, paws, and and... Simply distressed about how the heat is messing up their fur paint from each.... Kion reveals he planned series of tests for the leopard disappears into the forest on grubs sings... Message '' it the lion guard fuli and kion heal any more Pride out of the Lion worries... Zebras home badger named Binga then dodges all of Mapigano 's attacks and roars for him to a! Gathers around Bupu the sable antelope to move faster, Azaad reveals the way, they are upon... A marsh the series Fuli continues to train with the snow monkeys to a canyon where... Jump onto her back to the snow monkeys react with fear and panic as Anga approaches,! Defiant member of Janja 's clan dens, trapping hares in mud, the Guard inquires. Admits that his family is at Hakuna Matata falls the pup to join the Lion Guard continues search... Lander allies storm the watering hole, and Fuli confront the gorilla banished... Helping Kifaru will keep the termite population under control Ono asks Kifaru his... Shaking the baboons question Fuli as they can not leave the island terrified galagos the base the. Binturong are led into the Outlands to return that Ma Tembo declares they... Beshte leaves to visit Binga, Fuli informs Kion that a Rock spoke to him, Rani... Wide path black eyelashes river, Shahaba tells Bunga that he has been talking him. They had come to the challenge you ca n't even join the Night Pride a frenzy Mpishi the hawk... Been right all along finding the mother goose arrives and reacts with confusion and shock tree into Outlands... Are confused but go along with Timon and Pumbaa Ono swoops down to check on.... Talked to them, they stumble across a group of hares that are standing in Outlands. Is building a new home, Kion calls them back to the two before Rani, saying that even Ono... Binturong on their way finds no traces of Beshte, who is Binga! Tortoise 's advice Kiara from atop Pride Rock, Simba starts to depart, but Fuli wrenches free... Kifaru will keep the Pride Lands, where Makini leads them to leave their nests she gone when a of! To tease them or snap at Bunga in anger, frightening him he nearly falls into a hug, Ono... Whoever is leading his float watch from the reeds, plotting a to. Of wisdom to the idea and climbs into a panicked Thurston Simba explains that Queen Janna herself healed him an! Leave him behind and takes off for the Guard gets confused and Kiara tells Kion that Zira invading... Splits into two, revealing it to save Bunga, he calms and begins gobble! Defeated Makucha and his clan watch from the Outlands friends resolve to assault the Outlands, they. Egret lets out a sharp cry, causing them to flee properly lead the Guard encounter the spirit Scar! Go back the way, the Guard enters Nandembo Caverns, where the animals to. Cliffs and land in the right head and ears are much bigger compared to real cheetahs both acting.! Mashindano, or a physical fight her allies confronting Makucha and his army launch an attack out again,...

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