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Why is a Collagen cream not enough

Our body loses the ability to produce collagen starting at the age of 25! Begin your daily supplement routine today, with any of our collagen products, to keep your elasticity, firm and younger looking skin. The sooner the better!


Diamond Cut
(Coming Soon)

HECH® – DIAMOND CUT is a special nutrient drink formula with 1,000mg l-carnitine and 100mg choline. With its complex vitamin and mineral formula, DIAMOND CUT supports a healthy metabolism and with its lemon and green tea extracts as well as a dash of caffeine it helps you to a good start into an active day. Whether you take it before the pre-breakfast run, on a trip or a long flight or during the down phases of a busy day at work.


Rewind and

Treat your body with Apres Yoga Essence, an organic magnesium complex, vitamin D and frankincense dipped in fresh coconut water and apple cider vinegar adding a splash of ginger to it, while you unwind and maintain your muscle function.

Our Philosophy at HECH USA

At HECH, our mission is to craft the highest quality Beauty Nutrition products available in today’s ever growing beauty, health and wellness market. We believe that the origin of all our ingredients and their unique composition make a product with the most beneficial effects on physical health.

What truly sets us apart is our innovative technology, the concentration of our pure marine collagens, all sourced in their cleanest form.

Transformational sleep

RUBY Elixier Caviar Collagen

Imagine a liquid elixir to bring with you on the go, in flight, post spa and gym, to fuel your body with the finest collagen peptides.  Desolved in a red berry concentrate, packed with vitamin C, biotin, niacin and riboflavin to bring out the best of your skin.  Sleeping Beauty Regime.

A Youthful Look, Feel and Glow

Discover Your Inner Glow

Add to water before you go to sleep to maintain your optimal level of collagen.

Enjoy firm skin and a new YOU!

Apres Yoga Essence

Refresh or rewind by adding this elixier to cold or warm water to enjoy a coconut and ginger inspired organic magnesium complex and relax your body with every sip. The innovative bi-phase technology protects the sensitive 4-vitamin complex C + D + K and B6 from light and moisture.

Oyster Hyaluron

Plum up your skin cells from inside out for that youthful and fresh look. Hyaluronic Acid generally, in our body, plays a positive role when it comes to muscle strength and sexual function.

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Look and feel your Best Self!

These collagen capsules are really amazing and it works like magic. Thanks HECH!!